Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flying Solo And Loving It

I was planning a short night last night on WoW since I had promised Mrs. Hammer we would watch a movie.

So I decided to do a little soloing in the Netherwing mines as Prot. Sure, I could have been Ret, and I will likely be Ret for leveling, but I wanted to see how soloing was as Prot.

Wow. I did my normal run in the Netherwing mines, meaning I went and pulled a bunch of Flayers and Ravagers and started Consecrating and using Holy Shield. Only now I had Hammer of the Righteous, and I was using Seal of Vengeance instead of Seal of Righteousness or even Seal of Wisdom.

See before, I could start getting really low on mana after a while and I would need to drink after each combat.

Not last night. I actually ended up Judging Light instead of Wisdom because I rarely had a mana issue thanks to Blessing of Sanctuary.

I was using my unenchanted Suneater. I really should be using Kings Defender, but I think the two swords are close enough and I really dig the skin on the Suneater.

Prot soloing was much more enjoyable than it had been previously. Before, it almost felt like a chore, and one I only put up with because I didn't want to blow 100g to spec Ret and then go back to Prot for tanking. Now, its really fun.

In addition, in what I hope is a preview of things to come in Northrend, I ran into an Undead Mage and Blood Elf Paladin (looked like he might have been Prot, he had the SSO Shield). They were also working on their Netherwing dailies in the Mine. Despite it being 2v1, they left me alone. Then I passed an Orc Warlock. He, too, left me alone. I made sure to leave some groups up so they didn't get bored and decide they needed to attack me.
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