Friday, December 12, 2008

Ding 77!

Honorshammer is still questing in Grizzly Hills.
It wasn't very long before I hit 77. This nessesatiated a quick trip back to Dalaran (much to the dismay of my poor computer). I plopped down my 1000 gold and got ready to fire up the engines in the ole gyrocopter again. It was so nice to be able to fly again. The freedom and speed was really nice to have again.
While I was in Dalaran, I met up with Leejenkins who had crafted me a Saronite Bulwark. This was something of a bittersweet moment for me. I don't know what it is, but there is something about tanks and their shields. To a tank, the Shield is the most defining piece of equipment you own. When you saw someone early in Burning Crusade with an Aldori Legacy Defender and a Sun Eater, you knew that guy was tank. Before Sunwell was released, you knew the guys with the Bulwark of Azzinoth were 'The Tanks'.
So for a while now, Honors has been defined by the large beating heart of a demon on his back. Now, Kaz'Rogal's Hardened Heart has found a pernament place in my bank alongside the Aldori Legacy Defender, the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness, The Unstoppable Force, and the Draconic Deflector.
Well, I knew I was going to have to replace my Burning Crusade gear at some point. Thus far, I've replaced one of my rings, my neck, and now my Shield. The Shield is the most visible piece to be replaced so far. I know I'll replace the rest in due time.
Hitting 77 almost meant I could finally equip the Amulet of Wills that I picked up in the Halls of Stone. I didn't realize it had a 'Requires Level 77" on it until I tried to equip it.
I spent most of last night continuing to quest in Grizzly Hills, following quest lines that I had started on Tuesday.
Actually, now that I've done more quests in Grizzly Hills, I'm really glad I went back. Not only have I seen more of the background on the trolls of Zul'drak, but I've also seen more background on the Giants War and the workings of the Iron Dwarves. I keep getting more hints about Loken. I've discovered the Iron Dwarf fortresses of Thor Modan and Dun Algor.
Is it just me or does Dun Algor bare a remarkable resemblence to Dun Baldar (the Alliance base in Alterac Valley). I logged off last night just as I was about to do a quest where I would need to impersonate one of the Overseer's at Dun Algor and talk to Loken himself. I'm looking forward to that.
My talent spec right now is something of a mess and I'm sure I'll be respecing again soon. I had meant to use 75-80 to fill out Blessing of Kings but when I went to assign the talent point from leveling up I saw I wouldn't have enough to fill it out. So I stuck the point in Reckoning instead.
Even using Seal of Vengeance, Reckoning swings can give you a chance to proc Judgement of Wisdom on your target. After playing with it last night, I've been very underwhelmed. I know it's only one point, but Reckoning hardly ever seems to proc now. It's definately a talent I'll be specing out of soon.
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