Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ding 79!!

Zul'Drak was a pretty fun zone to level through. The zone almost feels like two zones in one. You have the Argent Crusade half, and then the Troll half, which has a completely different look and feel to it. The Argent Crusade half is dark, gloomy, and filled with Undead. The Troll side is snowy and brighter and filled with, well....Trolls.
One of the first things the good guy Trolls do is ask for guidance from their gods. If these guys look a little familiar to you, it's because theses were the Animal Bosses in Zul'Aman. I guess now they are the good guys in the fight against the Ice Trolls.
Most of the time you are working for Har'koa, one of the new Animal gods. He's the same model as the Spirit Beast that every Hunter seems to want to tame. Big congrats to Araxe in Mal Katai who recently napped the Spirit Beast for his very own. I look forward to seeing it in raids (once I start raiding).
The storyline in the zone concludes with a fight with the Prophet of Akali. This is supposed to be a Group Quest recommending 3 people. After a couple of minutes of unsuccessfully trying to find a group, I figured I would see if I could solo it.
When trying to solo Elites, I usually keep a close eye on my percentage health, and the mobs percentage health. If I fall more than 10% behind, I know that I likely won't be able to pull it off.
When I started out, this particular fight wasn't looking good for me. Then out of nowhere, Har'koa shows up, and starts helping fight the Prophet as well as drop a Tranquility from time to time. With Har'koa's help, I was able to defeat the Prophet. With that done, I had also completed the quest achievement and exploration achievement for Zul'Drak, and I can officially say I'm done with the zone.
The problem was I didn't have a breadcrumb quest leading me to the next zone. I was at a bit of a loss for what to do, but I did have a breadcrumb quest to go to K3 in the Storm Peaks, so that's where I'll head next.
But before I could dash off to the Storm Peaks, I saw someone asking in General for a tank and healer for Gundrak. I had not run Gundrak yet, so I offered to run with the group. I used my standard PuG protocol of "Thank The Healer". After he boss fight, I would whisper the healer to tell him he was doing a good job, and that I appreciated him. He was a little nervous about the first boss fight, but we didn't have any problems. Apparently, he had been running with crittable tanks, so it was a nice change to run with an uncrittable one. We both put each other on our friends list. Good healers are hard to come by these days.
What was odd was that I lead the group in DPS. This is a position I'm not used to. We used minimal CC. Basically the Rogue used his Sap on some of the caster Trolls so we could burn down the melees. We didn't wipe once, and honestly, I don't remember anyone even dying, or having many close calls.
Honorshammer looks completely different now than he has in a long time. He's almost completely in Lich King gear at this point save for his Tier 6 chest, one ring and his trinkets. I'm wearing the Wyrmrest Accord tabbard as that is the first one I'll use the new Championing system to rep up with.
It doesn't look like I'm going to make my self imposed deadline of hitting level 80 by Christmas. I'm only 20% of the level away, but playtime is going to be virtually non-existent between now and the first of the year. We've got a ton of real life stuff going on with the Holidays and traveling hither and yon.
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