Monday, December 1, 2008

Loot Rules

Fedaykin98 had requested that I post the loot rules I was had planned on using for my guild if I had started it up. What follows is the requested post.
I explicitly give you permission to copy and paste these loot rules for use in your own guild, and I would be very interested to hear about how well they worked, and what problems need to be further addressed by the system.

These loot rules were designed under the assumption that my guild would have been mainly focused on 10 man content and would have only been doing 25 mans in conjunction with another guild like Heroes Inc.

Here is what the loot system looked like:

We use a modified Roll system. Everyone who fought the Boss has a 'shot' at loot, maybe not a real good 'shot', but a shot nonetheless. Getting a piece of loot will most likely make it difficult to obtain loot from the next Boss.

If the item is an upgrade for you, you can roll on it. Everyone is expected to be familiar with the loot tables and to know what items are major upgrades, minor upgrades/sidegrades, and offspec upgrades. Each member is encouraged to post a 'wish list' of items that are major upgrades.

Offspecs are expected to pass for Main specs. In simple terms, a Feral Druid is expected to pass on a Healing item if a Healer in the raid needs the item for a upgrade*. Blizzard now plans on letting you dual spec, so we will need to revisit this.

The Master Looter has final say on who may roll on an item.

If you have a dispute, take it up with Raid Leader / Guild Master AFTER the raid.

If you have a question about whether you can roll on specific item, post a topic in our Forums. This allows us to discuss the item BEFORE it's in the Loot Window.

Each Raid you attend you will earn 5-10 roll points. These points are used and added to your roll when you roll for an item. If you win the item, you lose the points you added to your roll.

Roll points may also be awarded for other services rendered to the guild. Points cap at 100. Each month, everyone's point total is depreciated by 10%.


Necklace of Doom drops.

Mage1 wants it, and has 20 Roll Points.
Lock2 wants it, and has 80 Roll Points.

Mage1 goes all in and puts up 20 Roll Points. Lock2 puts up 50 Roll points.

Mage1 must out roll Lock2 by (50-20) = 30 points to win the item.

Mage1 rolls a 26 and Lock2 rolls a 17. You adjust their rolls by the their roll points. Mage1's 26 becomes a 46, but Lock2's 17 becomes a 67.

Lock2 wins. He gets the item and is deducted 50 Roll Points. Mage1 does not lose any points.

Now let's say that Lock2 still rolled a 17, but Mage1 got lucky and rolled an 87.

The adjusted rolls now would be Lock2, 67, and Mage1, 107. Mage1 wins, he gets the item and is deducted 20 Roll Points.

Notice that even though he would have won the item by bidding zero points, he still loses the points he bid. Notice as well that he could have won the item without any points bid.

Lock2 does not lose any points.


Rohan said...

I really wonder why so many people are attracted to Random + Modifier.

It has all the weaknesses of Random with unlucky streaks, specific "unfair" results where someone with a very low modifier will get incredibly lucky and beat someone with a much higher modifier. And it has all the weaknesses of DKP with high administrative overhead and bookkeeping.

It's just my personal opinion, but Random + Modifier is close to the worst possible loot system. Yet everyone seems enamored with it.

Honors Code said...

First, let's keep in mind this is for a guild that runs 10 man raids only. My first idea was just to /roll for everything as most 25 man guilds would do in a 10 man, but I wanted to add in the modifier so the more consistant people had a little better shot at loot.

For a 25 man raid, I don't think I would use a random + modifier.

lilpete said...

how do you plan on stopping the lock from whispering the mage and working out a deal where the mage will pass this round and the lock will pass on the next piece of gear, with the result of both obtaining gear and retaining all their "roll points"

Honors Code said...

Roll points cap at 100 so there isn't much point in hording them, plus they depreciate by 10% every month.

That scenario also requires the Mage to forgo this piece in the hopes of something he can use dropping from the next boss or the next week.

It's certainly a possibility, but collusion like that can happen in nearly any loot system.

I think it could happen, but I think it would more a case of the Mage being magnanimous rather than trying to 'game' the system.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I see the advantage of this system over regular DKP.

My guild has always used open rolls, main spec > off spec in the past. Which is terrible - there is no incentive not to roll, so some individuals would win their second T4-equivalent gloves over someone wearing blues. In all cases I can think of, the person in blues was also a substantially better player (looking at DPS, etc).

Right now we're looking at possibly Suicide Kings for WotLK 10-mans, with open rolls for 25s because those will be considered somewhat "fun runs" and it's unclear how regularly we'll run them.

A lot of us would prefer straight DKP, but there appears to be a lot of resistance. In any case, we have to move (imho) to a loot system that provides an reason NOT to roll on items you don't really need.