Monday, March 30, 2009

The Few, The Proud, Heroes Inc

Let me bring you up to speed on what's been going on with Honorshammer lately.

My recently renamed Raid Team got together and did a run for "The Dedicated Few". We are basically just working on Achievements right now. Most of the veterans of my raid team need only 4 Achievements (Shocking, Undying, Sarth3D, 6 Min Maly) to get Glory of the Raider.

Some of us had this crazy idea that we might pull off "Undying" as well, but we made sure that wasn't going to happen fairly early.

I felt bad for the Rogue who had to sit out since we had nine people ready to go at the start. Hopefully, we'll be able to do this again so he can get it.

Dedicated Few was actually pretty fun. I ended up dying on Maexna because we had two Enraged Web Wraps. I was able to Bubble Wall the first one, but I had nothing for the second. Lay On Hands doesn't work while you are web wrapped, and all your avoidance is taken away.

We were also hoping to get Shocking, where you don't cross any charges on Thaddius. Your humble Tankadin messed that one up by being a little slow to move on the first transition.

Our raid group previously known as "Red Circles Are Just As Enticing As Blue" was renamed to "Shooting Blanks". The reason was our Hunter.

Let me set the scene for you. We were battling Kel'Thuzad himself. I had been killed in the first Ice Block. By the way, can you 'Bubble' out of those?

Anyway, our Death Knight tank was now going to have to tank Kel plus the two adds that spawn at 45%. As the fight progresses the Adds start hitting harder and harder. We needed maximum DPS to burn Kel down and burn him down fast!

Our Hunter states over vent that he can't attack. He was sounding rather annoyed, like "WTF, Why Can't I attack!?!?" Our raid leader asked if he was out of arrows and it turns out he was. Thus was Shooting Blanks born. Even Kel felt bad for the guy and decided to drop a Gun so he didn't have to worry about arrows anymore.

Since 8 man Naxx was fun, we decided to give 8 man Malygos a try. Malygos was less forgiving. Even with one death, we wouldn't have enough Drakes to kill him before the enrage. But first we had to get there. It took about 3 attempts, but we beat the Enrage timer by about 20 seconds.

In other news, I managed to PuG VoA25. He dropped the Valorous Redemption Handguards, (Tier 7.5 Paladin Tank Gloves). It was just me and another Paladin rolling for them. We both rolled. I threw down a 57. Not bad. He rolled a 86. UGH! Those were really nice gloves, and the consensus best available for Paladin tanks.

Okay, it's not over until the item is awarded. I tried to think of something. Offering him gold, items, something, anything to let me win the gloves.

Then I remembered. The Raid Leader had stated the loot rules were main spec rolls only, so I went over to inspect the other Paladin. I knew myself and a DK had tanked the Raid, but it was very possible this was guy was Prot and just staying out of the way. I'd do the same thing in a PuG if they already had their tanks arranged. He wasn't Prot. He was Ret, a very odd 0/5/66 spec I hadn't seen before.

I stated in Raid Chat that he was Ret and therefore couldn't roll on a Prot set of gloves. He tried to claim that he was really Prot and just had been Ret for the afternoon. Now it was just up to the Raid Leader. Would he buy the other guy's story (which, by the way, could have been completely true).

He awarded me the gloves. The other Paladin was less than completely happy.

I'd later do Sarth25 and see double Conqueror drops, but that PuG had about 5 Paladins and 6 Priests so I probably wouldn't have won them. That PuG also had a Death Knight who taunted Sarth, not once, but twice while I was tanking him. If he wanted to tank him, he just should have said so, I would have gathered up Blazes.

It's been a good couple of days in game.

'Real life' has been another story. My wife's car apparently broke it's timing belt which in turn broke a valve, and loosened on of the rods. It needs a complete engine overall, or we are going to have to replace her car. Ugh!

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