Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heroic Naxx With Heroes

While my guild is concentrating mostly on 10 man content, from time to time, both of our raid teams join forces and tackle a 25 man. The run had started on Wednesday night which I missed, but I made it for the conclusion of the run on Monday night.

Plague, Spider and Death Knight had been cleared on Wednesday, leaving Construct up for us.

Tanks for the night were a Protection Paladin, a Frost Death Knight and a Feral Druid. We marked up the targets and began to work our way through the trash. The first boss you fight in the Construct wing is Patchwerk.

We put the Protection Paladin on Patchwerk himself and the DK and Druid were taking Hatefuls. Our whole team did a great job, healers, DPS, and Tanks and we managed to one shot Patch. I’m not sure, but this may have been the first time that Heroes killed him on Heroic.

This was my first 25 man with Heroes so I wasn’t sure how they did loot. It turns out they do a simple /roll for loot, main specs before offspecs and only 1 epic per run unless it’s not needed. I had believed a system like that would work on a 25 man raid. Sure it’d be fine for 5 mans and 10s, but no way would it work in 25 mans. Yet, Heroes makes it work, and with a minimum of drama, at least as far as I’ve been able to observe.

The advantages are its quick and there’s no outside accounting required to make it work. A little common sense and consideration for others seems to make it work.

Little did I know it, but I would find some loot on the boss that I was interested in, Hero’s Surrender. The shield is just about as good as you can get in game right now. Some like Surrender, others prefer Wall of the Dead, but to me they are virtually the same.

I rolled as did the Paladin tank from the other 10 man group, and I was lucky enough to win it.

It’s a great looking shield, but equipping it took me below 540 Defense. I had to swap in my Repelling Charge for the rest of the night. Even after I got it enchanted with 20 Defense, I was still at 539. I switched a Def/Stam gem out of my belt for a straight 16 Def gem and that put me to 541. This allowed me to wear my Sonic Booster instead of the Repelling Charge.

Grobulous was up next. We put the Death Knight on Grobulous, and put the Paladin and Druid on picking up slimes. Avenger’s Shield is such a great tool for picking up the slimes. You throw it at Glob a beat or two after he sprays the room and it will bounce from Glob right to the slime which will make a beeline right for you.

For Gluth, we had the Druid and Paladin on Gluth himself while the Death Knight kited the Zombie Chow. I had forgotten to mention that you need two kiters on Heroic, but the Death Knight did a fantastic job of kiting them all. One or two got through at the end, but not enough to keep us from killing the big dog.

He dropped some Tanking shoulders (not the Tier ones) which went to the Paladin I had outrolled for the Shield.

Then we went to Thaddius. We had some problems with people moving quickly enough during the polarity shift and always lost 2 or 3 right off the bat. That would lead us to not being able to down Thaddius before the enrage timer hit. After several unsuccessful attempts, we decided to end our attempts on Thaddius and instead go take on Sartharian.

It didn’t bother me nearly as much as it had in the past that we were sort of stuck on Thaddius. Maybe I was just giddy over getting the shield, maybe I was just happy that we had beat him on 10 man mode, or maybe I’m more patient this time around. Whatever the reason, my enjoyment of the evening wasn’t diminished just because we hadn’t killed Thaddius.

Because we were getting short on time we decided to do the regular zero Drake version. The Death Knight offered to let me tank Sarth, but I told him to take him so I could get practice rounding up Adds for our eventual +1, +2, and +3 attempts. I pleased to say I didn’t have any trouble rounding up the Fire Elementals and Sarth was dead before I knew it.

It had been a great run with my new….err old... Guild. I had fun, got a little loot and got to tank as part of a Tanking team. I can’t wait to do it again.


Darraxus said...

I very badly want that shield. Here is to hoping I get into a pug this weekend that kill Patch and the shield drops.

Galoheart said...

Just reading this old post to see what I can gleam from it since last night or more like earlier this morning I completed my first WotLK raid which was for Heroic Naxx. For me it's was sightseeing tour as a guild Vet but one new to Naxx and just WotLK raiding.

I ended up Tanking Patchwrek and we got him down in the end though 1/5 the raid was dead way before 10% and more than the other half dead myself included when Patchwrek was finally killed. I got one epic from the run and though the epic will find a place in my gear set I guess overall I was just more happy to enjoy the run and the tour of Naxx epic loot or no loot.

I really didn't know Patchwrek did hatefulls but then I had no prior advance strat of anything in Naxx. At lease not as much till now. Just taking what I can get from this post, better days ahead raiding if duty calls with more preparedness.