Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes, I Really Am That Powerful

So yesterday I blogged about the current state of Arenas, and why I thought Arenas were seeing a decline in popularity.

Blizzard recently announced some changes to Season 6. It's obvious to me that the Developers made these changes due to my excellent blog post. (We'll choose to ignore the fact that the blue post was likely written before my blog was posted.)

With Arena Season 6, arena teams will start at 0 rating instead of 1500, which will allow teams to have more continuous progression throughout the arena season. In addition, we reevaluated item purchases and felt many of them were too difficult to obtain so we will be altering the rating requirements needed to purchase the latest arena items. For example, items with a rating requirement will now be obtainable starting at 1250 rating.

As with the current system, the matchmaking system will attempt to match teams against opponents who are closest to their average matchmaking rating. Starting with Arena Season 6, a team’s average matchmaking rating will be shown in the scoreboard at the end of each match so that you can see where your team stands compared to the opposing team you just faced.

All arena teams that are below a 1500 arena rating will always earn arena points as a 1500 rated team. (bolding mine) This will allow teams to continue to build up arena points while working on gaining the ratings needed to purchase items.

Basically you can get full Hateful and the Deadly accessories with no Rating Requirement. The the Requirement goes up from there. Furious pieces start at 1400.

This will help address the gear gulf that exists as well as giving players some nice items to buy with their Honor Points EVEN if they don't Arena.

You will also be able to see the Match Making rating which will help you understand whey you got or lost the points you did. You'll still have those moments of 'how did those guys have a matchmaking rating near us?'

The best change is the one I bolded. Even if you are sub 1500, you will still earn points like a 1500 rated team. This will help you have the points you need as your rating improves.

These changes are sufficient to make me want to try Arena again, they get me "back on the path".

I had already planned on making my Dual Spec Protection/Retribution. Now I need to figure out if I can make the spec that can work in both PVE and PVP. I'm thinking something like might work. It could use two points in Improved Hammer of Justice. I love the idea of Divine Sacrifice in PVP because as soon as I bubble, the other team is going to go after my partner.

Now I just need to find some teammates and get ready for Season 6.
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