Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miner, Miner, Fourty Niner

I farmed Gnomergran a couple of times and got the recipe for both the Pet Bombling and Lil Smokey. These had previously been rewards from a repeatable Engineering quest, that I never remembered to do. Now I have them both.

With that piece of business, the last reason I was holding onto Engineering was fulfilled. I did discover that the Reagent and Repair guy in Ulduar despawned a little while after we killed Flame Leviathan, so repair bots are still pretty useful.
However, we have two other Engineers in our Raid group. That means we have someone to drop repair bots and I'll only be skinning bosses about once a month.

So I unlearned Engineering from Honorshammer. I'll miss my Gyrocopter. Maybe I'll get lucky and get Mimiron's Head at some point.
I'm most happy to report that I can still access both my pets after I unlearned Engineering. Not that I've dropped it, I'm sure the Developers will buff it next patch to be an awesome profession, especially for tanks.
I had debated back and forth in my head for a while about what I would train in place of Engineering. I ultimately decided on Mining. I know I have a max level miner, but he doesn't have his Epic flyer yet and it was really annoying mining on him. Plus, trying to have him mine for Honors this expansion to level his Jewelcrafting really slowed down leveling Honors.
I have a Level 59 Warrior DE alt who is at 330 Enchanting. So I've got that angle covered. I'll probably change my Hunter from Mine/Skin to Leatherworking/Skin to be able to make my own Leg Enchants. Add in some Vellums, I should be fairly self sufficient, and able to augment just about any piece of gear.


Galoheart said...

Now that you have dropped engineering you could almost count favorable odds for Blizz for some reason to buff engineering or add something unique. That would suck having already dropped engineering.

fedaykin98 said...

Why take up LW on your Hunter? You'll make 10x the costs of your leg armor by keeping mining and selling extra ore, etc.

Just a thought. Imho production trades are only useful for their "bonuses", and not for what they produce, because you burn more skilling up than you'll ever get out of actually producing stuff.