Monday, June 29, 2009

Mergers and Acquisitions

I’ve written more about guilds on these pages than I ever intended to. I’ll be the first to admit that I guild hopped in Burning Crusade, chasing the Siren of Progression, but I abandoned that quest in Wrath and hoped to settle into a guild and really make it my home. Thus early in Wrath I returned to Mal Katai.

Then in mid February, Mal Katai split. I had to figure out what to do. I hadn’t left the guild, the guild had left me.

I was either going to go to SalVation, one of the guilds spawned from Mal Katai split, or I was going to go to Heroes Inc, which had been the guild I transferred to Altar of Storms to join just before the release of Burning Crusade.

For about two weeks I mulled over my options. I ultimately ended up joining Heroes Inc and got in with their progression raid team as a Tank. That decision worked out really well. I found the camaraderie and skill of our tight 10 man progression team to be the way I best enjoyed experiencing the game. We attacked Ulduar the night it opened and soon we were dancing on Yogg Saron’s corpse. Algalon, we’re coming for your glowy posterior soon.

Then about two weeks ago, my team broke off from Heroes to form their own guild, Unusual Suspects. This time there was no indecision, I was going to follow my raid group. I really felt like I had found a home.

There were more developments guildwise, both in my old guild and new one over the weekend. I have to ask myself, am I the cause of any the drama that I’ve been witness to in Wrath. After taking an honest look at the situation, I have to conclude that no, I really wasn’t the cause of the drama. The only incident I can think of was a little complaining I did about losing out on loot, and I apologized the next day. Since then, I have never complained about losing out on loot, though I do complain a little bit about loot I want not dropping. (Hi Flame Leviathan’s Bracers!)

So here’s the latest, film at 11.

The two guilds that Mal Katai split into, Tarmon Gaiden and SalVation essentially merged together to form a new guild called Limitless.

My guild, Unusual Suspects, had a 10 man raid group from a guild called Amber Knights move en mass into our guild.

Before the move ever happened, Ellevis (my Guild Master) approached each of us individually to ask what we thought about possibly taking on another Raid Team. From all accounts they were cool guys and good players.

This will give Unusual Suspects two 10 man raid teams and the possibility to do the occasional 25 man raid. All in all, I’m pretty excited about it. It will not change anything in my own 10 man group, but it will give us more in guild folks for Heroics (which will be more important in 3.2 for Emblems), and alt runs. It should also mean that when I go on vacation in August, my Raid Group will have an easier time finding someone to fill in. (Scary thought, they might actually find some better, lol)

As an added bonus, one of the new guys is Agamemgnome! He's actually a friend of mine that I raided with during my first stint in Heroes in Burning Crusade. I was leading Raids for Heroes at the time and a big part of why he left was that I wasn’t raiding him enough. It was my first time as a Raid Leader and I made my share of mistakes. He didn’t have any hard feelings towards me and in fact, he was the guy that got me into Dominion, which is the guild I did Tier 6 with. Now he’s a guild mate once more.

All in all, I’m pretty excited to see what the future holds for Unusual Suspects.
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