Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Night Falls

"Twilight is upon me, and soon, night must fall. That is the way of the things, the way of the Force." - Yoda, Episode V

We didn’t have the group composition we needed last night to continue working on Firefighter. One of our top healers was MIA.

So we decided to go play with Sartharion. We ran a matrix of 1 tank, 2 healers, and 7 DPS.

Tanking Sartharion himself during Sarth3D was one of those fights that Paladins really struggled with during the early days Wrath of the Lich King. We only had 1 cool down, Divine Protection, and Ardent Defender had not bee fixed yet, so we were a very poor choice. Now, to be fair, we were great tanks for the Whelps and Fire Elementals, so we had an part of the fight where we excelled, but Death Knights and Druids were the best choice for Sarth himself.

I always wanted to tank Sarth. There must something in the Y chromosome that causes you to desire to do just that thing that you are told you can’t do.

Last night I got my chance. We employed a ‘zerg’ strategy whereby we would try to DPS Sarth down before the second dragon landed and made Sarth immune.

This is hardly cutting edge content anymore, but knowing my DPS was going to go full bore with Hero…err…Bloodlust right from the get go certainly got the blood flowing.

The first half of the fight was no problem. The first dragon landed, and I taunted him. I held both Sarth and Tenebron (I think, I constantly get the names of the Add dragons mixed up). When Sarth hit 30% health he enraged Tenebron. I popped everything I could, Divine Protection, both Trinkets, Lay on Hands.

But we wiped at sub 10%. We tried a couple of more times, each time getting closer. We had a really frustrating 1% wipe where Sarth despawn at 0% health. Ugh!

But we knew we could do it. All the cooldowns were up, Rapid Fire, Army of the Dead, Bloodlust. I hit my rotation better than I had in long time. We were at 4% and I died. The guys were able to dot ‘em up and run long enough for Sarth to die.

I am now Honorshammer of the Nightfall. Mega congratz to Jag for snagging the mount.

I know Sarth3D isn’t a huge deal anymore and the achievement is pugged on many servers. Regardless, for me and my guild this was a challenging fight, even given the 232 and 245 gears we had obtained. I’m excited to have killed it and obtained the title. For out little band of heroes it still felt good.

Next week we’ll knock out ToC and Ony and then get back to Hard Mode Ulduar. Only Mimiron, General V, and Yogg+1 stand in the way.
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