Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday Night Raid

I have to tell you guys about the totally cool thing my guild did for me this weekend. You'll remember that I was benched for Tuesday night's run of ToC and Onyxia. We had more raiders than spots that night.

My guild normally has a second run of ToC and Onyxia using their alts. They usually go on Wednesday nights which is my off night. This week they moved the run from Wednesday to Saturday night when I could join them.

Now the run wasn't as clean or as fast as our regular Tuesday night run. We had a couple of wipes, but we still cleared ToC and killed off Onyxia. The RNG decided to play a cruel trick on us as Onyxia dropped two Hunter helm and the gun and we had, yes, zero Hunters in the raid. It was really cool seeing our normal Discipline Priest up front with me tanking as a Protection Warrior and my usual co-Tank smashing away with a large mace as Ret Paladin.

I really appreciated what the guys did for me. I really thought my best chance was going to be trying to land a spot in a random PuG. Running with these guys was so much better.

Thanks Devolve!!
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