Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unfinished Business Before Ice Crown

We cleared out Onyxia and Normal ToC10 Tuesday night before heading over to Ulduar. Ulduar? Yep, Ulduar. My Raid Leader has a plan which I think is just brilliant. We are going to extend the raid ID until we finish Glory of the Ulduar Raider.

We nearly had Glory of the Raider from Naxx finished but could never quite pull off an Undying run. One of those Undying wipes was caused by me. That motivates even more to help these guys get a shot at Ulduar Raider.

We already had Orbit-uary, and Heartbreaker. Last night we knocked out Stokin’ The Furance, Crazy Cat Lady and I Choose You Steelbreaker. We tried for Disarmed, but we actually put too much DPS into Kologarn and he died before we could get the achievement.

Now I had all of those achievements previously, as well as I Could Say This Cache Was Rare, but several of our raid team didn’t, so we were trying to get everyone caught up.

The ones I still need are Lose Your Illusion (Thorim Hard), Firefighter (Mimiron Hard), Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (Freya Hard), Saronite in the Morning (Vezzax Hard). We also need One Light in the Darkness (Yogg with 1 Watcher). We’re saving Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare for last.

With the Badges from the ToC run, I’m getting close to being able to get another piece of Tier 9, but I’m running into a problem.

The Tier pieces I already have are Gloves, Legs, and Chest. I need one more piece for my T9 4 set bonus. The plan had been to buy the Shoulders and then save up for the non Tier helm or get the Helm from Onyxia. I’ve seen both the Healing Helm and the Ret Helm drop from Onyxia so far. The problem is I already have level 232 Shoulders from the Faction Champions, but my current Helm is my Tier 8.25 (level 226), and it's the last piece of gear with Block Rating on it. I’d love to dump it.

So I could save up badges until I can buy the offset helm, and then go back and save up badges for my T9 Shoulders. This would allow me to upgrade my ‘weakest’ piece, but it would delay getting my T9 bonus by a couple of weeks.

Alternatively, I could buy the T9 Shoulders, and get the 4 piece bonus, and then start working on saving for the non set Helm and hope Onyxia is kind to me in the coming weeks.

The 219 pieces I have left are my Cloak, Trinkets, and Belt. My Helm is 226. Everything else is 232 or above.

The higher level trinkets that are available to me as a 10 man Raider just haven’t impressed me. The only Cloak upgrade would be from a Tribute to Mad Skill. We aren’t quite there yet. I’ve been waiting for a shot at the belt off Jarraxxus, but I made need to get an Indestructible Plate Girdle made in the interim.

We 3.3 going on the PTR, I’ve probably got 6 to 8 weeks to get ready before we attack Arthas’ home.
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