Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Helm and Spaulders

The following scene was recorded moments after Devolve's very first kill of Yogg Saron in Ulduar. Gadgetzan Times reporter, Nipskee Fizzwidget, caught up with Devolve's Tank, Honorshammer.

Nipskee: "Honors...Honors...big time players make big time plays. Talk about that Phase 3 transition."

HH: "Well, you know, I owe my great hair to Helm and Spaulders."

Nipskee: "Right, no. I want to know about the Hand of Protection that saved your Disc Priest."

HH: "You know, Helm and Spaulders does 7 great things for my scalp and hair."

Nipskee: "Didn't ask about your hair, Honors."

HH: "You asked with your eyes, Nip. You asked with your eyes."

It was kind of a quiet night last night in game. This was just meant as a bit of humor. You'll either get to joke or your wont. If you didn't get it, well, watch this, and see if it's any funnier.


Rhii said...


Honors can wear black?

Brother Kyle said...

Hey Honors funny stuff! Took me a minute to figure out what you were talkin about then it hit me. Good stuff good humor.

Anonymous said...

Funny...but I still like when Troy Polamalu does it:)