Monday, December 21, 2009

Enjoy LFD Now

The new LFD (Looking For Dungeon) System is great. The developers did an excellent job with the design of the systems. There are plenty of rewards for people at all levels and all Tiers of Level 80 from the guy who just dinged all the way up to the guy who was farming Heroic Anub’arak the night before the Patch.
Right now, you have an abundance of T9 raiders carrying people in random LFG groups. I’ve done this several times myself. I’ll be in a group where I’m first on DPS, Damage Done, and Damage Taken. If I would have used Judgment of Light, I might have been first in Healing Done as well. I’ve had the same thing happen on my Hunter where I’m the only DPS in the group over 3k.
Enjoy it now, and if you are a lowered geared toon, get all the dungeons run as fast as you can, because this isn’t going to last.
The Tier 9 Raiders are in the LFG for one reason, Emblems of Frost. I typically only run the Random Heroic for the two Emblems of Frost it provides. I don’t need Triumphs; I’m swimming in the bloody things. In a few weeks, my Hunter alt won’t need them either.
What you have to realize is that right now, all the T9 Raiders need Emblems of Frost. You can’t buy your 264 T9 with a Token until you have the 251 from Emblems of Frost. The Daily Random provides more Emblems (14) over a week than all of the current Bosses open in Ice Crown (8). In addition, because Tier 9 Raiders are clearing the first wing so quickly, they have down time during the week and they are running Random Heroics.
But in a few weeks, Ice Crown is going to have plenty of Bosses open. A new Wing will open shortly after New Year, then another just a couple of weeks after that. Tier 9 Raiders, and especially those lovely Tier 9 Tanks with 40k plus unbuffed Hit Points are going to be spending more time raiding and less time in LFD. And even when they aren’t raiding, they will be getting to the point where they don’t need Emblems of Frost nearly as much as they do now.
The Developers have already acknowledged the system is reliant on the number of Tanks queuing up. As more Bosses in Ice Crown open up and Raiders buy what they need with Frost Emblems, the number of people and the number of tanks available will dwindle. Those 10 and 15 minute wait times could become 20 to 30 minutes. And when you finally do get a group, it might be sorely lacking in T9 Raiders able to carry an entire heroic on their shoulders.
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