Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Retrospective

Looking back on what my 2009 was like.

  • Ran my first Heroic at Level 80, utgarde Pinacle. It wasn't pretty.
  • Ran my first Naxxraamus, and Sartharian, both as Retrirbution. I was struggling to get over 2k.
  • Started raiding 25 mans with Mal Katai.
  • Ran my first Vault of Archavon.
  • Tanked Naxx10 and had 31k health fully raid buffed.
  • Grinding Sons of Hodir rep
  • Battling for a Tank spot in Mal Katai
  • Mal Katai blows up. Spent most of the month trying to figure out what to do. I had two offers, one from my old guild of Heroes Inc and one from Salvation which had formed from a bunch of my Mal Katai friends. This is hardest decision I've ever had to make in regards to WoW.
  • Made the decision to go with Heroes and joined one of their two raid teams.
  • Tanked Sarth2d, Malygos.
  • Hit Exalted with Sons of Hodir.
  • Switched from Enginering/Jewelcrafting to Mining/Jewelcrafting.
  • Hit 80 on the Hunter.
  • Dual specs hit.
  • Started on Ulduar. We cleared up through Hodir.
  • Continued working on Ulduar, cleared up to Yogg.
  • Appared on Twisted Nether for the first time, had a blast.
  • New AD gets announced. Warriors everywhere scaream OP.
  • We start knocking out Hard modes in Ulduar.
  • Heroes split with my Raid Team breaking off and forming it's own guild.
  • Killed Yogg Saron.
  • Perp's group joins our new guild.
  • We combined the two raid teams and ran some Ulduar25.
  • Tanked Naxx on my Alt Warrior.
  • Went on vacation.
  • Patch 3.2 hits.
  • New AD, Demo Shout on Vindication.
  • We started in our Trial of the Crusader and cleared the first four bosses easily.
  • Finished Trial of the Crusader (Server 3rd, Ally 1st).
  • Started on Heroic.
  • Became a Blood Elf.
  • Killed Onyxia.
  • Went back and knocked out some more Ulduar Hard Modes (Knock, Knock, Knock and Lose Your Illusion).
  • Killed Sarth3D.
  • Worked on Firefighter.
  • Combined the Raid teams for a Crusader25.
  • Killed Heroic Faction Champs.
  • Made my second appearance on Twisted Nether.
  • Killed Heroic Twins.
  • Came with 50k of killing Heroic Anub.
  • Opened Ice Crown and cleared the first wing.
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