Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking Out Loud On Next Emblem Purchase

Last night was pretty quick. We just took out the four bosses in the Lower Spire. We only had a minor hiccup on Deathwhisper when our DPS wasn’t watching threat and pulled her. We lost about half our DPS right there. Boston and I got it back under control and we rezzed one of the dead DPS. We still one shot her despite that. I didn’t feel any of the fatigue I had felt during Anub’arak, so maybe it was just a one night thing. More than ever I want to get back in there and finally kill that bug.

Next we went over to Naxxrammus for the weekly quest. This week on Altar of Storms, it's Patchwerk. It was kind of funny being back in Naxx again. We all remembered cutting our raiding teeth in there back when iLevel 213 was the hot stuff. Gear inflation has just been crazy this expansion. I have nearly one and half times more health than I did in those early days. Patch went down ridiculously fast.

With the Frost Emblems from last night I'm getting close to my next Emblem purchase. My wish list for Emblems is the Kraken gloves, Cat chest, T10 shoulders and T10 Helm.

As I look over my gear my Boots, Gloves and Shoulders are my last 232 pieces. We are a 10 man guild still a little ways from Arthas and Hard Modes. That puts an effective cap of 251 on any gear we get from drops. My alts are going a great job of slaving away for Primoridal Saronites and by Thursday I should have the last Saronite I need to get our friendly neighborhood guild Blacksmith to craft some Boots of Kingly Upheaval. Once I have the Boots made, I'll get my alts cracking again on the Saronites for the Pillars of Might. I could replace the Shoulders but I'd lose my 2pc T9 bonus. 2 piece Tier 9 is nice but I'm not sure it's needed. The 5% damage increase is probably negated by the strength upgrade I'll get from the rise in ilevel. The shorter CD on taunt is nice but since we have 2 taunts it should be fine. Plus, I will have to live without it as some point anyway.

One thought would be to go for the Chest since it's the most expensive thing I'm after at the moment, but the other line of thought would be the replace my weakest pieces first. I would get Shoulders over Gloves since I can hope to get lucky and get the Gloves from VoA. But I won’t get my hopes up. For some reason VoA only seems to drop Mail for our group.

While I know this shouldn't be a factor, I'd love to get some T10 gear, just so I can start looking like a T10 Paladin. I think I'm on the only Paladin on AoS without his T10 Shoulders.
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