Thursday, February 18, 2010

Work , Work

I have 4 Level 80 toons. I have 3 Hordeside and 1 Alliance. My Hordeside toons are my Paladin, Druid, and Hunter. My Allance toon is my Warrior.

Currently their professions look something like this.

Prot Paladin: Mining/JC
MM/Surv Hunter: Skining/Mining
Resto/Boomkin Druid: Skinning/Leatherworking
Arms/Prot Warrior: Mining/Enchanting

Now I have a good friend who lets me use his mage for my Disenchanting needs so I haven't seen a big need to bring the Warrior over, plus I like having a toon on Allianceside to drop by and say hello.

I’m wondering if it would make sense to change my Professions with an eye to making more gold. I'm just basically treading water moneywise. I make enough to cover my repair bills, enchants, gems, etc but not a whole lot more. This week in particular with the upgrades I’ve gotten and bought, on 3 toons no less, I’m down about 5k. I'm not looking to become some WoW Mogul. I'd just like to be able to do stuff like buying up Primordial Saronites, getting Epic Flying for my Druid and Hunter and maybe buy a Motorcycle.

I'm happy with JC/Mining on my Paladin. Although he doesn't mine much anymore, he still likes being able to cut my his own gems and Dragonseyes are sexy. I make a little money with his JC buying uncut gems and cutting them and reselling. The problem I have is that many times on Altar of Storms cut gems are selling for LESS than uncut gems, which makes that particular way of making money rather difficult.

My Hunter's professions were basically for him to make money while he leveled up. The intention was that he would be a farmer for me, especially back when Honors was JC/Engineering. Now that he's become part of Raid Team III, he’s actively raiding. Basically all I do to make money with him is send stuff he mines or skins over to my bank mule to sell.

My Druid was Leatherworking with the idea he would make Leg Armors for Honorshammer and also to sell. Here again, like Honors JC, I'm finding that the Armors are selling for LESS than mats and I'm still at the point of having to burn Heavey Boreans to level up his Leatherworking to where he can make more stuff.

What I don't have my arsenal is an Herbalist.

So here's what I've been planning. Change the Druid to Herb/Alchemy. This fills the Herb hole so I can serve that market with raw materials. I'll go transmute spec so he can do Epic Gem transmutes for Honors, reducing the material cost for my raw gems and allowing me to sell at a lower price with a higher margin.

I could keep the Hunter as my Skinner, but switch his other profession over to Engineering. I tell myself it is to get him into the Arrow/Bullet market but the truth is I've always enjoyed Engineering. It was just a horrible profession for a tank when Honors had it, especially compared to mining. I wonder if engineering (in and of itself) provides a DPS increase like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, etc do. I've had and dropped Engineering twice on Honorshammer, but each time I enjoyed it.

But I've been holding off executing my plan. It might be prudent to wait to see what the Devs are going to do with Professions in Cataclysm. Apparently, it's supposed to be much easier to level up a profession, so it might be better to wait and see. You can reference this article from ShackNews. In the article, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, states that Blizzard expects Cataclysm to arrive in the "back half of 2010." Now we can add that to the other clues we have. There was the comment the Devs made at Blizzcon 2009 that they thought "Alliance players will be complaining about Goblin Rogues at next year's Blizzcon". The community now knows that Blizzcon 2010 is scheduled for October. I'm thinking they don't want to release the Expansion immediately before they leave the offices for Blizzcon. The 'back half of 2010' is technically anytime from June to December. That makes me think Blizzard execs are targeting an August/September release. If that's right we should start hearing about Beta really soon.

But that is still over 6 months away. As we get closer to Cataclysm, demand for current end games items like Flasks, Gems, Enchants, Bullets/Arrows, and Leg Armors is going to go way down. At the beginning of Cataclysm new raw materials will be crazy expensive. Having a Miner, Skinner, and Herbalist would be a nice advantage. But going by my experience in Wrath I’ll only have time to play my main early on. I’ll need to watch Beta to see if there’s another Overcharged Capacitor type of opportunity in the early zones.

So I'm trying to make a decision on if I should 'pull the trigger' and change up these guys professions, or wait it out.
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