Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 3 year anniversary mark of my blog here at Honor's Code. So today, I am reposting the very first post that ever appeared on this blog.

"I created this blog to chronicle my thoughts and experiences as a player in Blizzard's wildly popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

This blog will follow my main, Honorshammer, a level 70 Dwarf Paladin on Altar of Storms. It will also include thoughts on my other characters, Honorshummer, a level 30ish Draenai Hunter, also on Altar of Storms.

I don't know if many, or frankly anyone will read this blog, but here it is."

That was posted on May 25, 2007. So much has happened to both myself and Paladins and Tankadins during that time.I'm glad the blog has stayed around and that I've managed to find a couple of people to read it on a regular basis. I am so glad that you've joined me on this journey.

Honors Code will be going strong on into Cataclysm, though maybe not with the same focus. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoying writing it.
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