Friday, May 21, 2010

Lich King Video

Part #1

This is our second kill. We had a very clean Phase 1. I'm on Arthas and Boston (Blood DK) is on the adds. In the Transition Phase, I picked up the first two Raging Spirit and Boston grabbed the third. We had a great transition into Phase 2, and I picked up Arthas right where he was casting Quake. The very first Valkyr we were able to use a little trick we learned. She picked our lock who had set up his portal near the edge. When she dropped him, he ported back. This allowed us to ignore this first Valkyr and concentrate on Arthas. At about the 6:56 mark, you’ll see my Bubble Wall macro. It shows when its up and when it wears off.

Part #2

The very next Val’kyr we don’t et it down and lose a DPS. (Random thought: Our Tree goes into and out of form a couple of times, I think it looks pretty cool.) Despite the error, we are still able to move into the next Transition Phase. We get through that Phase, but we’ve got 2 Raging Spirits up when we reengage Arthas.

Part #3

We lost another DPS to Vile Spirits and we were getting close on enrage. My biggest disappointment was that our Tree didn’t get picked to go into Frostmourne. I’ve never seen what happens in there. Well, that and Troggbane not dropping.
Big thanks for Lakini for making this video. The King is dead. Long live the King (again).
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