Monday, June 7, 2010

Five by Five

Sunday nights a couple of guys in our guild who enjoy PVP as well as PVE get together and form up teams to farm points from the 5v5 Arena bracket. Being the helpful sort that I am, I usually offer myself as a warm body should they need people to make the team go. I do most of my PVP on my Hunter so that is the toon I take.

I chose the Hunter because he was the easiest to gear and spec for PVP. My other Level 80s are all Hybrids and generally have PVE/PVE specs. My Paladin and my Warrior are Tank/DPS. My Druid is Heal/DPS. My Hunter is PVE Survival, PVP Marksman. I also ran out of stuff to buy with his Triumphs faster because I only had one set of gear to buy, so I could afford to purchase PVP Furious Gear.

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed the team we were able to put together was really strong. Most of the time we'd be lucky to win 2 or 3 games on Sunday night. That night, we won 7! We decided to try the same team two weeks in a row. Something strange happened that second week. We started winning more and more. Suddenly, we went from just doing whatever we felt like to calling targets, and assigning tasks. My contribution to the team was to put up the Mortal Strike debuff on our kill target. That meant I needed to be on the right target, and stay alive. Jag, who was a very experienced PVP Hunter helped me adjust my spec and I got some proper gems and enchants on my PVP gear.

Our team is Marksman Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Moonkin Druid, and Holy Paladin. I'm having an absolute blast playing with these guys. They are tremendous PVPers, and I'm learning more each week. Last week we crested 1500. We're not sure how high this team can go, but we are all excited to find out.

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