Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ruby Disappointment

I keep waiting for the Ruby Sanctum loot table to be released in full for 10 man Raiders. The problem is, I think it has. 11 items from one boss seems like a pretty large loot table to me. What I find odd is that out of that list there is exactly 1 items for Tanks. Tanks generally account for about 20% of your 10 man Raid, yet there is one and only one item in the loot table for them. That would be Scion's Treads. These aren’t a bad pair of Tanking boots. They are item level 258 and have 1779 Armor, +114 Strength, +158 Stamina, Blue Socket, Red Socket, Socket Bonus: +9 Stamina, increases defense rating by 44, increases your dodge rating by 60, and increases your parry rating by 52. But I find it very strange that the designers would choose the Boot slot for a new item for Tanks in Ruby Sanctum.
By now most 10 man tanks will have spent either the gold or badges for the Boots of Kingly Upheaval. These are item level 264 and have 1815 Armor (+36 armor), +92 Strength (-22 Strength), +157 Stamina (-1 Stamina), Yellow Socket, Blue Socket, Socket Bonus: +9 Stamina, increases your dodge rating by 72 (+12), increases your parry rating by 72 (+20), and improves hit rating by 53 (+53).
The stats in parentheses are how the BoKU compare to the Scion’s Treads. They are virtually identical. You basically trade one threat stat for another, and pick up some additional avoidance which is probably eaten up by diminishing returns and Ruby Sanctum’s version of Chill of the Throne.
I’d say I’m a tad disappointed, and I’m green with envy looking at the 25 man loot table. There are still a pair of tanking boots, but 25 man raiders get a trinket for every role. There is a Healer Trinket, a Tanking Trinket, a Melee/Hunter DPS trinket and a Spell DPS Trinket. Trinkets are especially difficult slots to fill because you have so much competition for them. 10 man Tanks have solid trinket options, owing largely to the Emblem bought Corroded Skeleton Key to pair with the Unidentifiable Organ.  DPS are still farming 25 man ToC and ICC for trinkets like Death’s Choice and Deathbringer’s Will. For strict 10 man raiders, they are going to 5 man dungeons. Some specs, like our Moonkin, are using Healer trinkets as their best options. I tend to think everyone would have been better served by having the Trinkets in the 10 man loot table.
I also think that our boys at Blizzard missed an opportunity here to sort of test drive the new loot system for Cataclysm. With Ruby Sanctum, they could have made the choice to have the 10 and 25 drop the same loot, only with stats varied to the appropriate item level. So the 25 would drop an item level 271 item, and the 10 man would drop the item level 258 version of that item with reduced stats. It may have given them some insights on how the loot system would work in Cataclysm.
Instead of going out with a bang like the Devs did in Burning Crusade with Sunwell, Wrath looks like it will go out with a whimper with the offering of Ruby Sanctum.
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