Friday, September 24, 2010

First Game – Part Deux

I continued playing the same game. After wiping Germany and finally restoring my Civ I learned a couple of things. I think what I was supposed to do was to either raze the German cities or set up puppets. Then after I set up puppets, one by one, annex the cities. If you build a Courthouse building in the occupied city, then it eliminates the unhappiness. Because happiness is a Civ wide trait, you let your other ‘happy’ cities outweigh the unhappiness in the one annexed city until the Courthouse if built. Then you annex the next city. While under puppet rule, you still get all the resources, you can’t control what they build.
The game is down to myself (as Japan), George (USA), and Darius (Persia). Darius ended up building the Apollo program in 1973. He’s well ahead of me now. Because he has built Apollo, he can start to build the Spaceship for a Science victory. If this game works like past versions of Civ, the only way to stop him is to take his capital.
I’m going to try a risky strategy, but it’s the only play I have right now. If I just sit here and play the game out, I won’t be able to catch Darius before he builds the Alpha Centari spaceship and wins the game. Even if I can delay that somehow, he’ll still win on points if the game goes to the turn limit of 600. No, my only play is to take out his capital city. It won’t be easy since he’s well ahead of me in Science. He’ll have better troops. So the plan is to rush Manhattan Project, and literally nuking Darius’ capital city. I’ll need to eliminate George first so I don’t have to worry about him while I’m at war with Darius.
I was able to take George out. The Puppet to Annex strategy worked much better. You make all the conquered people Puppets. Then one by one, annex them.
Unfortunately, I waited too long to try my desperate strategy. I had two nukes being built when Daruis launched for Alpha Centari. I was hoping my attack on him would slow him down. I did manage to conquer one city, but it was quickly retaken. I never really recovered.
Still not a bad first effort. We will see if I can do better next time.
So do you like the Civ posts or would you rather I not share my non-WoW gaming experiences?
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