Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Blizzard Could Get Me to Resub

I’m am really enjoying Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was like BioWare sat me down and asked me what I’d like to see in an MMO, and then made it. Of course it’s not a perfect game, no game is, but I can see myself playing SWTOR for a very long time.

But from time to time, I get a feeling that I chalk up mainly to nostalgia to visit my old haunts in Azeroth.

You see this guy:
Crazy as it sounds, I miss him sometimes.

When I heard about the free faction/server change Blizzard was offering that was almost enough. I have always wanted to turn Honorshammer back into a Dwarf, but I knew I was leaving for SWTOR so it didn’t make much sense to fork over the money to do it. But subbing for one month just to get Honors back to ruggedly handsome dwarf he was always meant to be doesn’t make much sense.

But that got me thinking. The biggest problem is that I can’t afford two subscriptions, and my heart fully belongs in a galaxy far, far away. But I would love to be able on some nights to log into Honorshammer, take the gyrocopter for a spin, throw my Avengers Shield (Paladins still have Avenger’s Shield, right?) do a daily or two, and just enjoy the world.

What I’d love to see is for Blizzard to offer a WoW Lite subscription for $5/month for former players. I’d need the free server/faction transfer, too. Sorry, I’m high maintenance. Blizzard would have to put some restrictions on the account so that there current players wouldn’t cancel just to get the lower price. Some restrictions could be limiting it to only one heroic per day, only a dozen or so auctions, etc.

If only 1,000 people feel like I do, that’s still an extra $5,000 per month for Blizzard, and the numbers just scale up from there. Another bonus is that Blizzard could announce increasing subscriptions or at the very least not losing subscriptions.

Let’s make this happen!
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