Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living for the Weekend

If you follow my Twitter feed @TedtheThird, you know I was one of the people picked to test Star Wars the Old Republic this weekend. Friday night, I will be actually play the game I’ve been waiting 3 years to play. When I downloaded the client, I noticed I was a little short on hard drive space, so I made it official and uninstalled World of Warcraft. It’s been a great ride, but it’s really over now.
The first question I asked myself is what I was going to play for beta. My plan all along has been to roll a Jedi Knight Guardian at launch, but do I want to play him during beta? On the plus side, I could start to get familiar with the class, and it’s combat capabilities and see how I like it.The downside is i really don’t want to spoil the story for launch. I will be in the first or second day of early access since i activated my preorder code about 5 hours after the preorder went on sale.
I don’t plan on playing a Sith character right now. After my Guardian, the next class I want to play is a Smuggler Sharpshooter. So what I'm thinking right now is I’ll play a Sith Warrior Juggernaut for beta. It will allow me to get a feel for the class since the Juggernaut and the Guardian are essentially the same class with different names for their spells, but it will allow me to keep the story fresh for launch. I’m not going to mess with crafting, just too short a time to worry with that.
I plan on writing a non NDA breaking blog post on Monday to let you know about my experiences, but this highlights a little problem the invite caused. Once I play beta, I can’t talk about it until the NDA is lifted. That’s going to make it really hard to blog about SWTOR without using knowledge I gained in game. I don’t want to jeopardize my account, so I won’t be leaking anything here, but as soon as the NDA is lifted I’ll let you know everything I found out.


Howard said...

I'm super excited to have gotten into beta as well. I'm just terrified that it will end up like "WoW with LASERS"! Obviously some things in WoW truly are amazing, but it always scares me when new MMOs come out that they will work too hard to make it WoW playerbase friendly. We'll see, but I haven't been this excited for an MMO since I started playing WoW. Hope its everything we want XD

Ted said...

If you look back at the story I posted on the Esseles Flashpoint ( you'll see where some of the "WoW with lightsabers" comments come from.

It's been a common refrain for as long as I've followed TOR. My answer now is the same as then.

It's WoW with lightsabers (and John Williams music, can't forget that that), I'd play that!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered playing as a trooper for the beta? It's playstyle is pretty far away from both your stated starter toons.

Ted said...

I have thought about. I'd love to try an agent, or smuggler, too, but I will be pressed for time. We only get the weekend.

My main concern is that whatever I start playing I will get so wrapped up in the story that I will want to continue it on launch.

Ellevis said...

Hey Honors. Pink, Blue and I also have beta invites for this weekend.

Ted said...

Have Blue drop me a line in Facebook and let me know which server you picked.

Diglrr said...

DUDE its sooo awesome, I just logged in and playing.

Doug Jones said...

I have my invite as well. Grim is back playing Swtor as well. Dunno if/when I will get my key. I had the invite with no link, key, etc. Everyone else I know playing tried to help out, but nada. They say there should be a mysterious second Email. oh well. Hope all the old wow peeps are well.

Shadozan the Magnif... I suck.

Grim said...

Hey guys, long time since I have talked to any of you folks, but I thought I would pop by now that I am all hyped up for another MMO. For those of you who also played the beta this weekend, I hope it was a good experience. I tried out, at least for a couple of minutes, each of the 4 different main flavors of toons. I really enjoyed my jedi and the trooper and spent most of my time playing them over the weekend. I hope everyone had as positive of an experience as I did. I'm ready to just keep on going after my short intro to TOR.

Ryan aka Grimadin

Ellevis said...

Hey Shad, Grim. What's a good way to get in touch with you guys to find out what your plans are for TOR?

I've started a guild already with alot of the people that quit WoW.

Honors, drop me an email and let me know what your plans are also. Our guild has changed a little since we last talked.

Cheers, Wich

Grim said...

Hey Ellevis, I sent an email to Honors with my contact info as I didn't want to post it all.

Perplexity said...

whats up guys, long time no see! Wich you should definetly get ahold of me as well! Grim and Shad both should be able to get in contact with me to get you some more contact info!