Friday, August 16, 2019

Honors Update: Back to the Paladin

Well, its been a minute since my last update. Between writing for Blizzard Watch, streaming and real life, updates here will probably be few and far between.

For the most part, I think I made the right choice to go with my Hunter as my main for Battle for Azeroth. Some of the early War Campaign stuff would have felt terrible on my Paladin. Liadrin is one of the Horde commanders in the Batte of Stromgarde. Honors spent most of Legion traveling around the Broken Isles with her. He wouldn't want to fight her.

I always knew I'd level Honors (my original Paladin) to the cap, but he was my third toon after my Hunter (Theogrun) and my Tauren Druid (Tivonicus). As I started to play Honors in the waning days of 8.1, I was having a blast with him, even as Ret. Our raid team went through some shakeups and the leadership put out a blanket statement that if anyone wanted to change mains, roles or specs, now was the time. When 8.2 dropped, I switched to Paladin as my main. My Hunter hasn't stepped foot in Nasjatar yet. Neither has my Druid, but I'm sure I'll get there. One day. Maybe.

But why?

After hitting max level with Honors, I learned about the Glimmer of Light build for Holy Paladins. It's a different playstyle with almost no hard casting. You're encourage to be upfront engaging the boss, swinging your hammer. It is everything I always thought Paladin healing should be. I tried it, and I loved it. We killed Un'at with me as Holy. It was fun and I was only 2k HPS behind the other two healers despite being 10 iLevels lower. Who would have guessed, me, a Holy Paladin. We have our main three healers for our raid team. I'm running as main spec Ret, but I'm ready to heal if we need them.

Aren't you a tank

I'm not ready to  dip my toes back into tanking. BfA Raids (and Mechagon) have so many mechanics, sometimes I struggle to keep up. More than once, I've questioned if I'm good enough to do this content, or if I'm being a boat anchor on the progress of the team.

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