Friday, October 17, 2014

More Legendary Frustation, More Kindness Of Strangers

Wratharion gave me the Lightning Lance and told me to thrust it into Nalak and survive long enough to absorb his power.

I’m sure back when Isle of Thunder was current content, Nalak groups formed almost hourly. Now a days, the Isle is deserted. Well, the quest said to stick it into Nalak and survive long enough. I have a Bubble.

Would 12 seconds be long enough?

12 seconds was not long enough.

I was feeling pretty discouraged at this point. I had made it through the brick wall of Lion Roars, survived a pretty tough scenario, and now was faced with trying to put together a group to kill a world boss no one kills anymore. Again, it's my fault for taking a year off and now trying to get his done, but it stills feels frustrating.

I checked OpenRaid and there was a World Boss group set up for a couple of days away, but my gear wasn’t up to what they wanted. I would love to know how 530 is ‘easily obtainable’ when LFR only rewards 528. That means I would need to be fully LFR geared plus have something else above 530 to make up the difference.

When I zoned back in, I noticed three other people standing around: a Monk, a Mage, and a Druid. After a few moments we all figured out we were ALL on Spirit of the Storm Lord. The Monk said he knew a way to get the quest completed. I was ready to try just about anything at that point. What was the worst that could happen, another repair bill?

The monk led us under Nalak to the other side of the courtyard where there were some defensive emplacements and some Shado-Pan. He placed three markers on the ground. One was placed near the top of the stairs, the other a little ways beyond the bottom of the stairs, and the last one around the corner.

The Monk was going to pull Nalak. We were to thrust our Lances into him and then run from the first marker to the second marker and around to the third. The Monk, along with the Shado-Pan NPCs, would keep Nalak’s attention and by being around the corner, we had broken line of site on Nalak so his attacks didn’t hit us. The elemental spawned in the air and it was a relatively simple matter of kiting it around the courtyard. The quest completed with Nalak still very much alive.

The Monk and the Shado-Pan eventually died and Nalak despawned. Maybe he despawned because we weren’t on this threat table or we weren’t in line of site. I’m not sure. All I knew was that the quest was complete and I could move on to the next stage of the Legendary quest.

I talked to Wratharion and he gave me a Metagem and a quest to start collecting Titan Runestones. It was back to LFR with me. I ran Vale of Eternal Shadows to get the guarenteed drop from Sha and came away with my frist 3 Runestones. Then I ran Gates of Retribution. I didn't get a single Runestone drop but I did get gear from each boss. I have no idea if the two are related. I still had Lei Shein up so I ran Pinnacle. The week ended and I have 4 of my 12 Runestones. There are 14 potential bosses who can drop Runestones next week. I will need to go 8/14 (about 60%) if I am to complete the quest. Now that is here, I have no idea what that will do to people's desire to run LFR and to complete it. I need to get this done.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To Forge a Hero

I entered the week with 13 secrets and by the time I entered Pinnacle of Storms, I had 18. I knew Le Shien was guaranteed to drop one so as long as Iron Quon or the Twins gave one up, I was golden. Iron Quon cooperated, and I was thrilled when the Twins gave one up as well. I had my 20. I knew Le Shein was guaranteed drop for either Runestones or Secrets, but I didn’t have the quest for Runestones yet, so I dropped group so I could come back and get a Runestone off him this reset.

I headed back to my good buddy Wratharion and gave him my Secrets and he asked me to meet him on the Isle of Thunder. I found him and we entered into a solo scenario at the Thunder Forge. I had to fight some Mogu while Wratharion charged up the Forge. Some Shado-Pan guys showed up to help out. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go Prot or Ret. I know at some point, you get a role specific reward, which leads to a role specific cloak, but I’m not sure at what point you make that choice. The combat started before I got a chance to switch so I was Ret anyway. Like most scenarios there were places to heal that helped out.

Wratharion also spawned little balls of blue lightning which buffed my damage. Meanwhile, he just stood around and watched me fight. You know, Wratharion, I'm pretty sure you could one shot these guys. Think you could lend a brother a hand right? No? Okay, I got this.

I took out the Mogu and finally this big boss Mogu shows up. He wasn’t too hard and I slapped him down. Wratharion congratulates me and we head into the Forge itself. Wratharin makes some snide comment about dwarves and I’m standing there thinking, hello? Dwarf, right here! I know he was referring to Brann, but hey, nobody disses on my boy Brann.

He activates the Forge and a bunch of Sha show up along with two guys who look a bit like Algalon. They start working on the Forge and I start clearing out the Sha. It took me an attempt or two to figure out I needed to use the anvils to do massive AoE damage to the Sha. I used every cooldown I had and was on my last legs when Wratharion does this massive AoE and clears the place out. I thought about the scene at the end of Iron Man 2 when Iron Man does his big AoE at the end of the fight with the HammerBots and War Machine is all like "Hey, next time you want to open with that?" I was thinking the same thing, "Hey, Wrath, next time you want to open with that?"

But hey, at least the fight is over.

It wasn’t over.

This massive boss Sha shows up. It took a couple of attempts to realize I had to use the anvils to interrupt his big cast and run around like maniac during the meteor swarm (sort of like avoiding the big splash damage thing the rare Jinyu do).

It was really tough to get to anvils in time. I was specced into Pursuit of Justice which I traded out for Speed of Light to give me an on demand speed boost. I failed several times and I didn’t have a way to repair. I waited for all of my cooldowns to come back up. I switch Divine Purpose to Holy Avenger and blew all my cooldowns right at the start (Avenging Wrath, Guardian, Holy Avenger). It took every trick in my Paladin book. I needed a Bubble, a Lay on Hands, and more Eternal Flames that I can count. Execution Sentence got used offensively and defensive and Guardian of Ancient Kings was out on cooldown. I even cleansed the Blacksmith a couple of times.

Finally, the lance appeared and I ran over and channeled. At the same time, the Sha of Almagamation started a Meteor Storm. He died and the quest completed and then I died.

I rezzed one more time and hoped like hell that was really it.

It was.

I have heard people say you can semi-afk your way to the cloak. I am going to call hogwash on that. Maybe you can semi-afk your way through the LFR parts, but there ain’t no way you are semi-afkin and getting through that scenario successfully.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Not Your Typical LFR

Happy Patch Day! I'm assuming 6.0.2 will drop today.

While you wait for the servers to come up, let me tell you a story.

There were two bosses who were basically the bane of my existence when I left WoW: Tortos and Durumu. Tortos was because of the bats that he summoned. I was a 10 man raider for most of my WoW career. 25 is a lot more people and that’s a lot of bats to try to corral. I queued as Ret for that one. Then we have Durumu the Forgotten. This is another one that I like to queue as Ret for. It’s not fair to the other 24 poor saps that get in a group with me to have one of their tanks die every Eye Sore (maze) phase. I’m sure with more practice I would get it, but while I’m learning I’ll stick with Ret.

I needed Secrets so I found myself back facing off with Tortos and Durumu. The LFR I was in cleared the trash to Durumu, and started the encounter. The fight was going okay until the first Eye Sore. When it was over, only one tank, three healers and three DPS were left alive. Out of 25 people, 7 lived. I was not one of them. That was a wipe.

We pulled again with one stack of the Determination buff. But it was second verse, same as the first. Same seven people still up. Same HonorsHammer still dead. A couple of people left and more than a couple of the survivors voiced their concerns about our mental health and aptitude.

Here is where most LFRs fall apart. People leave, you wait in the queue, more people leave. Some declares the group fails at life (this just in: video game != life). I had no room to talk as I had died both time. I was doing the maze okay, but I had lost track of the eyebeam and got zapped.One time I actually walked INTO the eyebeam trying to get to the next patch of open ground. Oops.

At this point in the story, an unlikely hero arises. A DPS Warrior, Adarajin, he had been in the survivor group both times. He got assist from the nominal raid leaders and put a triangle symbol over his head. He told the raid that if they followed the triangle they would survive the Eye Sore and we would kill the boss. The group filled in and we pulled. I stuck to that triangle like bees to a honeypot. I wasn’t the only one. When Eye Sore came we followed. They eyebeam got ‘oh so close’ but he moved us just in time. After the Eye Sore, I looked up. Only 6 dead.

We continued to wail away at the beholder. The next Eye Sore came and again I stuck to my green lantern. 2 more died, but Durumu was down low. We finished him off and I scored another Secret.

Adarajin basically saved the raid. He didn’t have to help out. Clearly HE knew how to do the fight. He didn’t have any obligation to show the rest of us the way, but he did. I tried to trade him some gold to say thanks, but you can’t do that in an LFR and he lives on other server. Wherever you are Adarajin of Articulate Derision on Terrokor, I can’t thank you enough. If everyone in Articulate Derision is as nice as you, I’m sure it’s awesome place to be.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Honor's UPDATED Guide to the 6.0.2 Changes for Protection and Retribution Paladins

It's official. We will get Patch 6.0.2 Tuesday, October 13th. Mists of Panadaria is effectively over and we are in that weird time when we aren't in the new Expansion’s content yet, but under all its new systems and rules.

What follows is a cliff notes version of the changes coming for Retribution and Protection Paladins from a primarily PVE point of view.

10/14 UPDATE! I wake up this morning and found that Theck has also written a fantastic guide to Patch 6.0.2.

Tomorrow everything is going to change. The World (of Warcraft) will never again be what it is. All the stuff that is going away in 6.0.2 is going away. The Brawler’s Guild will be shut down when you log back in, and the Proving Grounds are closed. If you want to start on the Legendary Quest chain, you have to do it before you logged out Monday. If you are on the chain, you can keep going but you've only got a month to finish it.

Update Your Addons 

At some point, go to Curse or wherever you get your addons and update them.  Get the updates done early. As of this writing (Monday night) Curse didn't show any of my addons ready for an update. When you log into Tuesday for the first time, turn all your addons off. See what’s been added to the base interface and what addons you might not need anymore. The big one for me is Bagnon as most of that functionality looks like it was added to the base game.

The Toy Box will be in so go around to all your characters and find stuff you can put into the Toy Box. Also we get another tab of Void Storage (thank the maker!) so go fill it up.

Stats – Roll (3) 6-sided Dice 

Take a screenshot before you log out Monday (especially you sessy million health Death Knights). You are not likely that have that much health, mana, or attack power again for a long, long time. The Developer’s assure us that we will feel just as powerful since the monsters got squished just as much but it may take some getting used to.

Reforging is gone and your gear has reverted to his original pre-Reforged state. The Reforges kept all the gold and escaped into the Twisting Nether. Those )&(&!

Racial abilities got re-tuned. Draenai get a buff to primary stats which looks awfully tempting, but nothing can compare to the innate awesomeness of being a Dwarf.

There are some new stats: Versatility, Multistrike, and Bonus Armor. Versatility was originally going to be called “More Awesome at what you do awesome” but the devs opted for 'Versatility' since that was demonstrably shorter. From the Dev Watercooler :
Versatility is pretty simple: 1% Versatility grants a 1% increase to your damage, healing, and absorbs, and reduces the damage you take by 0.5%.
Bonus Armor is something that used to be in the game and went away, but now its back. It increases armor and for Prot it also increases attack power. Any Dodge and Parry on your current gear got changed into Bonus Armor. UPDATE! Rhidach has a great blog on Bonus Armor.

Grants a chance for spells and abilities to fire up to 2 additional times, at 30% effectiveness (both damage and healing).
For Prot, when a heal lands you on you, there’s a chance, equal to your multistrike that it will heal you again. I will leave it up to Dr. Theck and mathLab geniuses to work out the priority on the secondary stats for Prot. UPDATE! Oh look, they did!

Free Glyphs. There’s a bunch of Glyphs that you learn automatically now. (Harsh Words, Flash of Light, Alabaster Shield, Dazing Shield, Avenging Wrath, Templar's Verdict, Denounce, Divine Storm, Word of Glory, Light of Dawn, Final Wrath, Double Jeopardy) If you didn't have them before, you have them now. Congratulations, and feast on the tears of Scribes everywhere.

One Set of Gear 

In WoD, you will be able to use one set of gear for both Prot and Ret. Set Bonuses will switch based upon your spec so when you are Prot you get the Prot set bonus and when you are Ret you get the Ret set bonus. Most stats are useful to some degree to both specs. For all you wild and crazy Holy/Rets out there, ALL plate comes with equal amounts of Strength and Intellect. All Haste is just haste, all crit is just crit. There’s no more special spell crit versus melee crit. Hit and Expertise are gone as stats, and the Hit Cap and Expertise Cap are no more. You always hit and if you are Prot, you can’t get dodged or parried. As long as Ret is behind the boss, they won’t get dodged or parried either.

We will now attune to secondary stats which means we get 5% more of the stat our spec is supposed to attune to. Prot attunes to Haste which is pretty cool because Haste means more Holy Power to turn into Active Mitigation. Ret attunes to Mastery which is a straight up buff to damage. As we switch specs, the gear will morph to be better for that spec.


Your gear has 100 Haste and 100 Mastery. When you are Prot, you attune to Haste and the gear becomes 105 Haste, 100 Mastery. When you are Ret, the same gear attunes again and you have 100 Haste and, 105 Mastery. You will pretty much be able to get away with one set of gear. You’ll just need to have an offspec two-hander, or one-hander and shield.

Paladin Devotion Aura is a Holy only thing now. I liked having another raid cooldown as a Tank, but it’s no longer available.

Prot Specific 

Vengeance is GONE! The whole reason Vengeance was put in was to help tanks keep threat as DPS got better gear through a tier. Their gear helped them do more damage/threat. Our gear generally helped more with staying alive and less with threat. Vengeance help counter that, but it had some unintended side effects and now it’s being changed to Resolve. Resolve increases self-healing and absorption.

Prot lost Avenging Wrath. I’m gonna miss them wings!

Grand Crusader will proc from any avoidance so maybe it will proc more.

Ret Specific

Inquisition is GONE! Celebrate the end of the maintenance buff with me my brothas!

Ret lost Guardian of Ancient Kings. I loved that pet. Hand of Salvation is a Protection only thing which I guess makes sense since they are threat kings.

The rest of the changes are all PVE collateral damage from the PVP changes. Repentance now has a cast time in case you want to recast it in combat. Turn Evil has its cast time increased and Evil is Point of View is gone. We don’t have a fear anymore. Blinding Light is now a talent in the CC tier. You have to choose between Blinding Light, Repentance or Fist of Justice.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Finish What You Started

When the instances reset, the Glory group reformed with the expressed goal of finishing what we started. We went back to the Tolvir. I stared down Siamat and said “So, Siamat, at last we meet again for the first time for the last time.”

(Bonus Hammer points if you get reference)

Our Warlock devised a strategy that ensured we all got the achievement this time. He laid down a nice hard nuke (don’t ask me what it was, I know zero about Warlocks. It was all green and firey.) We marked each Servant and killed the Minions. Gru would be so mad! We blew up each Servant in order. Once the third one died, we verified we had three stacks and blew up Siamat.

Game. Set. Match. Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

Volcanic Drake. Very nice.

As a bonus prize, that gave me my 50th mount and I got Leading the Calvary and the Albino Drake.


My next goal was to work on Brewfest. I only needed two Achievements for my Brewmaster title: Down with Dark Iron and Brew of the Month. The first simply needed a bit of timing. I was fortunate that there were enough people hanging around Brewfest when the event started. Several of us gathered around a cask and chucked mugs at the attacking Dark Iron. Remind me to file a complaint with Moira!

This was the first year I really ‘got’ the Ram Riding down. I would make the two runs, one through IronForge and one through Kharanos to get some coins and then queue for Coren. It took about a week but soon enough I had the coins I needed to buy membership into the Brew of the Month club. That completed the meta and I’m now Brewmaster Honorshammer which is awesome for a dwarf and will also be cool if I ever level my baby Monk.

More Secrets 

I started back at the beginning with Throne of Thunder. I knew the first wing the best since that’s where I was when I left WoW. Beyond that, it was a learning experience. The fights came back to me a little bit at a time. I finished up Lei Shen with 7 more Secrets and queued for Siege. This would be my first time in Siege of Orgrimaar. I did the first ‘wing’ through Sha of Pride, and queued up for Gates, but the group fell apart and I had to call it quits. That week ended with 13 total Secrets. I was running about a 60% rate of getting a Secret from the Boss.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Secrets and Trillium

My intuition proved right. The Glory group formed up and we headed for Halls of Origination. Our first target was “I Hate that Song”. Having a Trinity group proved to be an asset on this one, even overgeared as we were. I went down and gathered up all the snakes. We kept one DPS on each lever. The last DPS and the healer stayed up top on the boss. Every time the boss would start the channel the song, our two DPS below flipped their switch and interrupted him. Meanwhile the Warlock blew up him up. Done and done.

We moved on into the chamber with the elemental bosses and troggs. Being over geared, we split up. Two DPS went to one boss and the tank, healer, and DPS went to the other. We beat the timer easily. Those were the only two I personally needed, but we completed the rest of the achievements for everyone in that dungeon. We moved onto Lost City and once again failed at Headed South. One of us got it, but the rest of us didn’t have enough stacks. He starts knocking you around all over the place. We determined to come up with a better strategy for our next attempt.

We needed Blackrock Caverns and Grim Batol. We went to Grim Batol first. We got General Umbriss down a little bit and waited for a Trogg to come out. Our warlock saw that Umbriss had the debuff and we blew him up before the debuff ran out. That completed Grim Batol for me, but again we finished up the other achievements in there and moved onto Blackrock. I gotta say, even after all this time, I still love Raz. He makes that dungeon fun even after seeing it many, many, many times. I tanked the Angered Earth Elementals on the first boss. We needed the boss to kill them with his Skullcracker ability which meant I had to stay in for it. I used Consecrate to keep the adds on me (and not on the healer), but not so much that it would kill them. The first Skullcracker cast we tried with me using a tank cooldown and I was barely scratched. Eventually we figured out we could all stand in the Skullcracker and have him kill the adds there. Check that one off the list. Our next achievement was Corla. We had to let the disciples transform. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but somehow we got all three transformed at the same time and we all died. Even at Level 90, this stuff can still be deadly. Major kudos to the guys who mastered this when it was current content. We were more careful on the next pull and managed to get them to transform one at a time and blew them up. The final achievement in there was Ascendant Descending. We had to kill the boss without the adds getting a buff on them. The buff stacked when the adds meleed you. The trick is that the boss transfers from add to add so after a switch you have to get out of range. The Warlock got aggro on the adds, and used a Warlcoky speed enhancer to run away. I taunted the boss and went to work. There was a little bit of confusion, but somehow we managed to blow up Obsidius before the mobs got their stacks.

That left us with only Headed South standing between us and the Volcanic Drakes. The group was gracious enough to head out to Kasarang and help with “Change of Command”. With a full group, the mob went down easily. I thanked them and headed for a meeting with Wratharion. I talked with the Black Dragon and he told me to start gathering Secrets of the Empire and Trillium.

I knew the guild wasn't running Throne anymore so that meant my only option was LFR.


I debated if I should queue as Tank or DPS. Healer wasn't an option, I don’t even have any healing gear in my bags, nor do I have a Holy spec. I thought about queuing as a Tank as it would assuredly mean a fast queue time, but it had been a year since I've done those fights. I don’t remember them, and I’m fairly well undergeared (iLevel 502). If I screwed up a tank transition or something, it could be a fast ticket to Kicksville, population Me. Then that short queue wouldn't have done me much good. I queued as DPS and pulled out my Ret set. While I waited for the queue I stopped by the farm to start ‘farming’ some Trillium via Snakeroot. I’m still working on Master of the Ways so half my plots are dedicated to Master and the other half to Trillium.

With that done,and stil no queue pop, I made a return to the Isle of Thunder daily area to get my rep with Wratharion up to Exalted. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was amazed by how dead the Isle was. It was THE place to be when I left: people doing quests, hunting rares, etc. I guess all that has moved to the Timeless Isle now.

The queue finally popped and I went in. I only had time to for one LFR so I opted for Siege since it had 4 bosses and 4 shots at a Secret, plus the guaranteed drop from Sha of Pride. I read up a little on the fights but while a YouTube video is nice, it’s not substitute for seeing the fight live. It was something of a blur, but I managed to stay alive, pull up the bottom of the meters and walk out with my first three Secrets.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lion Roared

With 6.0.2 patch landing any day now I really have to prioritize what I’m going to do between now and Warlords.  I don’t have the social capital to get a Challenge Mode group going this late in the game, and to be perfectly frank (and I would not want to be anything other than perfectly frank with you), I’m not sure I have the mad skillz to get Gold in those challenges.

One of the biggest items I’d like to get my grubby little hands on would be a Garrosh Heirloom for leveling to 100, but there are significant barriers. I don’t have much social capital with my guild yet, and I hate to ask for a carry since I’m not geared for current content with my 506 Item Level. I’ve checked OpenRaid and there’s nothing in my time frame and again my iLevel and general lack of familiarity with the fights might be a concern.

If you are reading this and you’ve got a spot in Cross Realm Garrosh kill (Flex or Normal) and don’t mind my low iLevel, drop me a line at Honorshammer at gmail.

My bucket list includes the Legendary Cloak, the Brawler’s Guild, and Proving Grounds. The Brawler’s Guild and Proving Grounds are getting Level 100 versions, but the DatOrangeDoe Cloak is going away for good. I’m been blocked in my progression on the Cloak by the quest “The Lion Roars”. This requires a victory in two PVP battlegrounds, Temple of KotMogu and Silvershard Mines. About once a night, I would summon my courage (or stubbornness - I'm not sure which), mentally prepare for a loss and queue up for the two battlegrounds.

I transmoged my Retribution Gear to Tier 8 (Ulduar) and my Protection Gear to Tier 6 (Black Temple/Hyjal). I changed my title from Hand of A’dal to Knight-Lieutenant. My goal was to hide as much as I could that would scream “Sitting Duck in PVE Armor” and hope they didn’t check my health pool.

In Silvershard, I would find a cart and stay close to it. If we got engaged, I’d try to find an enemy healer and interrupt him when I could and generally be a pest thinking maybe he might have to spend a GCD or two on self-healing. In Temple, I would concentrate on hitting anyone who was carrying and orb and was big and glowing. Whatever small amount of damage I did would be amplified since they take more damage.

All in all, I thought those were solid strategies, but nothing I did seemed to matter much. In Temple, I would occasionally grab and Orb and charge into the middle, but honestly, Tennyson's Light Brigade had a better chance most of the time.

A couple of nights ago, I got Silvershard, but almost as soon as I zoned in, I noticed this one was different. One of the other players took command and started giving people tasks. Remarkably, no one gave him any pushback. Even more surprising is that people actually went to their assigned areas. The score went back and forth but it was better than any Silvershard Mines I had ever been in. I attacked any non Shadowform Priest, non-Bear/Cat/Moonkin druid, shield wearing Paladin,  or Shaman I could find.

We won 1600 to 1332. Lolyoumadebro of Korgath, wherever you are, thank you.

Bolstered by my success, I went for Temple and immediately lost. While Silvershard matches were typically close, Temple was not. A couple of nights later, I’m over my high and once again figuring that I’m not going to see this idiotic quest completed, but I knew I definitely wouldn’t complete it if I didn’t queue so I queued anyway.

I noticed that no one on our team was really grabbing Orbs. I usually avoided it because I figured I would be doing a disservice to my team since I die so fast, but after my experience on Battle On the High Seas, I knew my tank instincts were still strong. For the next match, I swapped by Ret gear for my Prot gear. For the most part my plan worked. The match stayed close, but in the end we lost 1500 to 1600. I even got Kotmogu All Star, but I was pretty discouraged. I had done all I could do, even getting the achievement, and we still lost.
I decided to try one last time, and then I would forget ever getting the cloak and never queue again.
Immediately upon zoning in, I noticed two Hunters identifying players on the other team.

“Target Jellymonster, Resto Druid”.

Really, where do people come up with these names?

I targeted Jellymoster and introduced him to an Avenger’s Shield Silence, and Fist of Justice Stun sandwich. I even managed to take off a while 1% of his health.


The match wasn’t even close.

We won 1600 to 75. A big Hammer thank you goes to Sparrowhawk of Emerald Dream and Flexx of Sargeras.

The Lion Roars was complete, but there was one more quest needed for that part of the chain, “A Change of Command” which required killed a named mob down in Karasarang. The quest said it needed a group, so I checked in Guild Chat, but most everyone was raiding Siege. I asked in Trade and got crickets. Well, am I a Paladin or am I a Paladin? Time to solo that dude.

I flew out to Horde base and they knocked me out of the sky on my flying mount. I approached slowly on foot. The regular soldier proved to be no match and soon I was standing before Bloodhilt. I tried several times to solo him, both as Prot and Ret but each time I was unsuccessful. I knew the Glory group was scheduled for the next night so I figured I would ask them.