"Finding the Key" a free short story for you

I made the difficult decision to focus all my efforts on my writing and leave World of Warcraft behind. My debut sci-fi action thriller novel, The Key to Reality, will launch in June. I've written a prequel short story called Finding the Key that you can download for free.

On the planet of Dokimadzo, fourteen-year-old Brandon has bounced from foster home to foster home since losing his mother. All he wants to do is reclaim a part of his old life and return to the apartment he shared with her. But the old neighborhood has changed much since Brandon last lived there, and a nasty gang runs the streets. His search won’t just be for a place to call home, but for his very survival.
It's free as in it will cost you zero dollars to acquire this, but it will require you to give me your email address and sign up for my reader's group/newsletter/email list. This is the thing you see from author's where they give you a free short story in exchange for signing up for their emails.

I send my reader group an email update about every six weeks, though there may be longer gaps if I don’t have much in the way of news. I open with geeking out about the latest Star Wars show or movie (if we ever get one of those again.) After that, I’ll include a recommendation of a book, written by someone other than me, that I think you’ll enjoy. At the end, I’ll include a quick update about my latest project.

This page will let you sign up. When you do, my email provider will send you a an email with a link to download the short story.


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