Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gear Rant

Warning! Rant incoming!

I hate drops. I hate them. My entire progress as a tank is dependent on a stupid roll when the mob drops.

10 times I killed Attumen. 5 times I've killed Moroes. 6 times I've killed Maiden. Twice I've killed Curator. No Bracers. No Gloves. No Belt. No Pants.

I'm stuck on 11.9k hps.

I think every boss should give you a token. When you hit exalted you should be able to buy any drop from a boss whose token you have..

There's nothing I can do. I get one shot a week to improve my gear. I've gotten every Pre-Kara upgrade I can get without changing to Engineering or Blacksmithing.

I know this sounds loot focused, but how the h-e double toothpicks am I supposed to tank the last half of Kara or Gruul's when I can't get the upgrades from the first half of Kara.

It makes me want to scream sometimes.

/rant over

Where's my cookie?
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