Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gear Rant

Warning! Rant incoming!

I hate drops. I hate them. My entire progress as a tank is dependent on a stupid roll when the mob drops.

10 times I killed Attumen. 5 times I've killed Moroes. 6 times I've killed Maiden. Twice I've killed Curator. No Bracers. No Gloves. No Belt. No Pants.

I'm stuck on 11.9k hps.

I think every boss should give you a token. When you hit exalted you should be able to buy any drop from a boss whose token you have..

There's nothing I can do. I get one shot a week to improve my gear. I've gotten every Pre-Kara upgrade I can get without changing to Engineering or Blacksmithing.

I know this sounds loot focused, but how the h-e double toothpicks am I supposed to tank the last half of Kara or Gruul's when I can't get the upgrades from the first half of Kara.

It makes me want to scream sometimes.

/rant over

Where's my cookie?


Odius said...


The loot system is terrible. It's why I like the Heroic Badge system but they need some better items there. Hopefully you'll get some good loot soon.

On another note this is exactly why my friend only does PvP now. He knows exactly what he has to do for his next upgrade and he's guaranteed something for his time.

Origami said...

Honors, I said the same thing months back in a conversation with someone - the idea with the T4+ gear should be started earlier and just drop those tokens for multiple people rather than specific loot.
So, you may still have to kill XXX raid boss several times but in due course you'll get your token which let's you buy your required gear item.
None of this "putting XXX on farm status" crap.

Although, I do think Blizzard is starting to see that to keep end game players interested, you have to release NEW content, rather than making the end game a grind fest.

Jon said...

Ahh, the loot system. The thing is, Blizzard likes the random roll element because getting random rewards is more addictive than a guaranteed reward. They know it's terrible on one level, but on another level, it's addictive like gambling and so they keep it.

I loved the h-e- double toothpicks part. ;)

Galoheart said...

Just thinking for a moment, i wouldn't call it ranting. I call it perspective.

What frustrating is doing a run over and over and not getting that random loot every time. Who knows if its indeed really random but blizzard.

What would be nice is: Every time a group downs a boss there is random is the random loot drop so someone gets their lucky drop AND you get as someone mentioned above you get like a KARA Badge you could redeem at a instance NPC for anyone of the EPIC loot in Kara for how much badges it may cost. If you get lucky on say your 3rd run and get something you needed, well you can just use the badges for something else specific to Kara.

Duno call i t a dungeon badge or something. That way everyone that runs the instance knows well i can either get the drop if i'm lucky OR get a X number of badges over time to get X EPIC item at a Dungen NPC. Call it a NPC that had a boss grudge and your doing his dirty work. To me that sounds fair.