Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tankadin Beyond Gruul's Lair

From Psiven of the guild Prodigy on the server Dalvengyr. He's a tankadin who specs back between Prot and Holy as needed by his guild. I'm putting it here for future reference.

His thoughts on Prot Paladins beyond Gruul's Lair:

"Beyond Gruul's, think about it, and have your GM/officers think about it.

Magtheridon: Who better to pull 3-packs of trash with mass deaggro effects? Why swap out a tank at the boss when you need 4-5 to complete the encounter?

Hydross: Can you think of any other situation where you'd really want to bring 4 prot warriors? Why use a feral druid on adds when a paladin takes 10% less spell damage and has access to epic resist gear?

Lurker: Who can frontload threat on Guardians that need to be burned down more efficiently than Avenging Wrath?

Leotheras: Would you rather have tanks chasing him around during whirlwind and slowly backing back into position, or have him run straight back at full speed to a paladin's Avenger's Shield? Does an HP difference matter when he can never crush?

Karathress: Who else can feasibly tank both the hunter and his pet to be killed first?

Tidewalker: Warriors and druids can't consecrate, no matter how hard they try. Alternatively, a paladin will basically never be crushed.

Lady Vashj: You only need 2 full time tanks, but nullifying one of your best healers or ranged DPS to handle Cores probably isn't a good idea. If it's a choice for the 2 tank spots to raid that night, who else can pick up elites from 30yd, get Vashj to shoot them without needing BoF, provide a BoF of their own, and guarantee uncrushability in the face of her extremely fast attacks (dual-wield hitting for about 5k main hand)?

Void Reaver: Who can pack more MT+OT threat than a paladin with infinite mana?

Al'ar: Why not just tank all those pesky adds instead of trying to make them explode?

Solarian: Mages love when consecrate is ticking for 200.

Kael'thas: 5 weapons locked down right away as needed. AoE to taste, add salt before serving."

And now his thoughts on using a Tankadin in Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple

There's no strict reason you can't use a pally MT on:
Every wave of Hyjal trash
Rage Winterchill
Illidari Council
Illidan (unless you have 3 prot warriors)

There's a good reason to use a pally tank outside of MTing on:
Akama (lawl)
Illidari Council

It's just a bad idea for a paladin to MT:
Essence of Desire/Anger
Mother Shahraz

Given equal choice with a warrior for the spot, there's a good reason for a paladin to MT:
Most of Hyjal
Nothing else.

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