Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tankadin Beyond Gruul's Lair

From Psiven of the guild Prodigy on the server Dalvengyr. He's a tankadin who specs back between Prot and Holy as needed by his guild. I'm putting it here for future reference.

His thoughts on Prot Paladins beyond Gruul's Lair:

"Beyond Gruul's, think about it, and have your GM/officers think about it.

Magtheridon: Who better to pull 3-packs of trash with mass deaggro effects? Why swap out a tank at the boss when you need 4-5 to complete the encounter?

Hydross: Can you think of any other situation where you'd really want to bring 4 prot warriors? Why use a feral druid on adds when a paladin takes 10% less spell damage and has access to epic resist gear?

Lurker: Who can frontload threat on Guardians that need to be burned down more efficiently than Avenging Wrath?

Leotheras: Would you rather have tanks chasing him around during whirlwind and slowly backing back into position, or have him run straight back at full speed to a paladin's Avenger's Shield? Does an HP difference matter when he can never crush?

Karathress: Who else can feasibly tank both the hunter and his pet to be killed first?

Tidewalker: Warriors and druids can't consecrate, no matter how hard they try. Alternatively, a paladin will basically never be crushed.

Lady Vashj: You only need 2 full time tanks, but nullifying one of your best healers or ranged DPS to handle Cores probably isn't a good idea. If it's a choice for the 2 tank spots to raid that night, who else can pick up elites from 30yd, get Vashj to shoot them without needing BoF, provide a BoF of their own, and guarantee uncrushability in the face of her extremely fast attacks (dual-wield hitting for about 5k main hand)?

Void Reaver: Who can pack more MT+OT threat than a paladin with infinite mana?

Al'ar: Why not just tank all those pesky adds instead of trying to make them explode?

Solarian: Mages love when consecrate is ticking for 200.

Kael'thas: 5 weapons locked down right away as needed. AoE to taste, add salt before serving."

And now his thoughts on using a Tankadin in Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple

There's no strict reason you can't use a pally MT on:
Every wave of Hyjal trash
Rage Winterchill
Illidari Council
Illidan (unless you have 3 prot warriors)

There's a good reason to use a pally tank outside of MTing on:
Akama (lawl)
Illidari Council

It's just a bad idea for a paladin to MT:
Essence of Desire/Anger
Mother Shahraz

Given equal choice with a warrior for the spot, there's a good reason for a paladin to MT:
Most of Hyjal
Nothing else.

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Galoheart said...

Been reading some of your old blog entires. Find some of these really interesting to read over and form some thoughts.

This one was very interesting to read. Seem like a lot of viability for Tankadins beyond Gruul's lair IF you can get there with a WILLING group.

I guess in thinking for me, its not so much some day i wish to see all the end instances vs the idea of just been caparable of been in the eyes of many being A VERY GOOD PALADIN TANK. I would guess if i can become that good then all else become easier for me.