Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Hosted" Raids or Ninja Targets

Tuesday night Mal Katai went back into SSC and killed our farm bosses, Lurker and Hydross. Hydross was a normal one shot. Lurker would have joined him but he despawned coming to the surface at 1%. We pulled again and killed him.

I got myself killed about halfway through the second attempt, but one of the Feral Druids was able to pick up my add flawlessly.

Unfortunately, that was all we had time for. In fact had we not gotten him down that attempt, we would have started losing people.

It was a fairly typical Mal Katai raid. Start time was 8pm, first pull was after 9pm. It took that long to fill the raid.

We had a healer who went emo and left the raid (mid pull) after losing out on loot. We use a customized DKP system which we call MKP. He had less MKP than one of the other Holy Paladins, so the other Paladin got the loot.

I can understand being disappointed when you loose out on loot, but you know the system going in. Our DKP heavily favors people who farm mats for our raids. We also get all of our Pots, Elixirs, and Flasks provided to us. I endorse a system that rewards those who farm their butts off for the rest of us.

Leaving a raid mid pull could be grounds for a gkick or at the very least not getting invited back next raid, but we really need healers.

A couple of people in my guild got worried when I put an application in on Bloodsky’s site. Bloodsky is the most progressed guild on our server. They currently host SSC and TK raids with some of their undergeared people. I contacted a buddy of mine, Paymon. Paymon and me go back to our Heroes days, and we were both in Heroes first Attumen kill. I asked him who I should talk to about getting in their TK raid. Mal Katai isn’t planning on doing TK this week, so it wouldn’t harm them in anyway. We’ve had Saturday raids cancelled twice in the last three weeks, so I figured my Saturday might be free.

Paymon told me to put an app on their website, which I did. My app has been locked and no one contacted me so I concluded that they are not interested. I was clear to them that I could not make their start times since they start raids at 5pm Saturday, which is way too early for me.

It was suggested to me by one of my guildmates that this “hosting” of raids is little more than a way for Bloddsky to ninja geared and skilled players from other guilds. If that what it is, I was naive enough not to see it. I wasn’t looking to join their guild.

I do have concerns about Mal Katai. It seems groups and raids in particular are getting harder to put together. I’m not sure how many more “Raids Cancelled” nights I can deal with.
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