Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Man On Fire

Last night Dominion was back in Black Temple. We were working on Terron Gorefiend.

I have not had the opportunity to tank Gorefiend yet, so my contribution is usually dispel duty. This frees up a ‘real’ healer to help heal the raid. The past couple of times my Raid Leader has been asking me to improve the speed of my dispel so less ticks of the Incinerate get off.

My set up right now is using the Addon GRID. I place Grid near the center of my screen and hover my mouse over it. As soon as I see the debuff in Grid, I click on the square (which targets the person) and spam my 9 key (bound to Cleanse).

I don't know anyway I can do it any faster. My reaction speed is pretty good. We have two dedicated dispellers and I beat the other guy to the punch about half the time.

I am dedicated to dispelling. I don’t throw any heals except immediately after the dispel. Incinerate must have some sort of cooldown, so I can generally throw on or two heals without a problem.

It especially gets rough later in the encounter. The Raid damage has increased from the Blooms or a possible loose Construct, and just a single tick of Incinerate can be enough to kill someone.

I'm going to put up a post on Maintankadin and see if anyone there has some suggestions. I'd also love to hear if anyone reading has any tricks or suggestions that would help me get the dispells off faster than I am now.

My Fire Resist gear for Illidan is just about all set. I have a set that puts me at 368 Fire Resist and uncrittable, but I put in a bid on a ring that has 1 more Fire Resist and about 10 more stamina. Having that one extra Fire Resist on the ring would allow me to change a Void Sphere out for a stamina gem.
The seller did not put a buy out on the ring, so I sent him an in game mail to see if he would sell it to me for twice as much as he was asking, but I haven't heard back from him yet, and the Ring auction was cancelled.
Once I have my suit all decided on, I’ll post it up for anyone who might be trying to come up with their Fire Resist suit as well.
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