Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Man On Fire

Last night Dominion was back in Black Temple. We were working on Terron Gorefiend.

I have not had the opportunity to tank Gorefiend yet, so my contribution is usually dispel duty. This frees up a ‘real’ healer to help heal the raid. The past couple of times my Raid Leader has been asking me to improve the speed of my dispel so less ticks of the Incinerate get off.

My set up right now is using the Addon GRID. I place Grid near the center of my screen and hover my mouse over it. As soon as I see the debuff in Grid, I click on the square (which targets the person) and spam my 9 key (bound to Cleanse).

I don't know anyway I can do it any faster. My reaction speed is pretty good. We have two dedicated dispellers and I beat the other guy to the punch about half the time.

I am dedicated to dispelling. I don’t throw any heals except immediately after the dispel. Incinerate must have some sort of cooldown, so I can generally throw on or two heals without a problem.

It especially gets rough later in the encounter. The Raid damage has increased from the Blooms or a possible loose Construct, and just a single tick of Incinerate can be enough to kill someone.

I'm going to put up a post on Maintankadin and see if anyone there has some suggestions. I'd also love to hear if anyone reading has any tricks or suggestions that would help me get the dispells off faster than I am now.

My Fire Resist gear for Illidan is just about all set. I have a set that puts me at 368 Fire Resist and uncrittable, but I put in a bid on a ring that has 1 more Fire Resist and about 10 more stamina. Having that one extra Fire Resist on the ring would allow me to change a Void Sphere out for a stamina gem.
The seller did not put a buy out on the ring, so I sent him an in game mail to see if he would sell it to me for twice as much as he was asking, but I haven't heard back from him yet, and the Ring auction was cancelled.
Once I have my suit all decided on, I’ll post it up for anyone who might be trying to come up with their Fire Resist suit as well.


tego said...

There is a Mod called decursive. I use it for all my cleaning needs. it has a UI that ammounts to a number of small boxes equal to the number of raid targets (including pets) all you do is play whack a mole with your mouse on this thing. its also possible to map it strait through with a macro, and to set priority on who gets cleaned first. This would allow you to mash one button to clean anyone in the raid. I haven't played with that part, but the documentation says it exists. Also you can create a mouseover macro (look it up online i don't know the syntax) to bind cleanse to one of your mouse clicks. then all you do is click the raid frame in grid and bingo

Hope that helps


Tankadin, sometimes healadin always bringing teh pain... adin


Evan said...

Decursive is my suggestion. No targetting needed.

MostlyKaldorei said...

For cleansing/dispelling, you may want to try the newest incarnation of decursive. It can add a series of small colored boxes for all raid members, and all you'll have to do is click the box and it will automatically cast your dispel.
I think it can do more than that as well, but I rarely cleanse.

Jason said...

Check out decursive. It is an Ace addon and is the best thing going for good fast dispells for any class that has a dispelling ability.

Rohan said...

I prefer mouse-over macros.

/cast [target=mouseover, noharm] Cleanse

Then you just need to hover over the square and press the button. You save yourself the extra click and change of targets.

(I also do this with my regular healing spells.)

Nilum said...

Hey Honor,
While I'm sure Decursive is great, I will offer up a mod that is an all in one healing mod that you can also bind your cleanse too (as well as BoP, BoF, all heals, etc).

It's called Healbot Continued (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/3802/), and it's a raid frame replacement that lets you bind mouse clicks (which can be combined with key modifiers like shift or ctrl) to various heals.

As an example, my left click is FoL, my middle is cleanse, and right is HL8. My shift left is HL4, shift middle is Vial of the Sunwell, and shift right is HL11.

While decursive excels in one thing, I feel the Healbot is the total package if you find yourself offhealing sometimes. I personally don't know how I ever healed without it.

Good luck with BT,

argent said...

I've been on "Cleanse" duty in a number of raids while I'm tanking. :-) Halazzi's Flame Shock comes to mind as a good example -- in a 10-man raid, it's possible to bring 2-3 healers who can't cleanse magic debuffs, so fortunately, there's a tank who can do it.

I used to use the click-cast-retarget method, but in all the chaos, it caused my threat to go down because I'd stop attacking. Now I use a macro which will try to cleanse my mouseover target first, and if not will fall through to the regular spell. Just be careful about where you aim your mouse if you're trying to cleanse yourself! (I use Grid for targeting, FWIW)

/cast [target=mouseover,help] Cleanse, Cleanse

I had a similar macro with some /targetfocus and then /target [target=focustarget] stuff for Maiden; I haven't had to cleanse in there for a while, but it made it super-easy to get the right person targeted. I still think I like the Grid/mouseover combo better. I'm not sure I've tried Decursive, though -- I'll have to check it out.

Duclama said...

Decursive is good, but if you want to keep using GRID, I'd say get a click-casting mod called Clique. I use it on my tankadin for throwing heals, bubbles, DIs, taunts, and Avenger's Shield.

You set up a modifier+mousebutton pair to cast a spell when you use it on a unitframe. This is far faster than selecting them THEN hitting a keybind.

When I middle-click on a party member's unitframe, it bubbles them. Alt+Middleclick = DI. When I shift-rightclick on a mob, it throws my shield at them. When I control-click a partymate, little heal. Shift-click = big heal.

I actually use this on all my characters, but it's really handy for healing duties and "oh crap" stuff like bubbles and taunts. I do use Decursive, but the only real time I need it is for Maiden, since I don't do big raids yet. I could just as easily set up a Clique bind, but I think I keep Decursive out of habit.

Michael C. Smith said...

I'll second.... err 5th the Decursive addon. Really works well, I use it in Kara when the raid fighting the Maiden and I'm relegated to help out the healers and keep the tank alive when Repentance happens.

Chamois the Shaman said...

Since you're already using Grid for raid unit frames, Clique is the easiest one to add that won't change the way your UI looks at all. It will add a tab to your spellbook that will let you define the various combinations of actions to trigger spells on unit frames - for example, my shaman's Earth Shield is Ctrl-RightClick, Lesser Healing Wave is LeftClick, etc. Just define Cleanse to be a click or something easy and fire away by clicking on the Grid frames - this should drastically reduce your reaction time, especially since you're already using Grid to detect the debuff.

BigFire said...

If you're using grid, you should use clique addon that goes well with it. for me, grid frame, middle mouse button is bind to cleanse on my paladin (shift middle mouse button is Righteous Defense).

That way, you cleanse faster.

Oh, until they completely killed the downranking, left button on grid frame is flash of light, right button is holy light. Shift-CTRL-ALT gives different rank of those spells.

DwarvenLassTanking said...

If you don't go with one of the addons, all of which will help, keep Teron Gorefiend targeted, and have Target of Target activated. He will briefly switch targets from the tank to the person he will be incinerating or marking for death. Throw a quick cleanse on that person, and you can usually get it before it ticks.

Dimitris said...

Honnors just use Grid in conjunction with Clique.
With Clique you can bind a spell (e.g. cleanse) to a key/mouse button (e.g. right click) , and then by just right clicking on the Grid, will cleanse that person.