Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guild Indecision

Over the weekend, I started thinking about what I wanted to do as far as a Guild. The main villain of Burning Crusade was Illidan the Betrayer, although at times I felt like that title could have been my own.

I’ve basically got it narrowed down to two choices. Those are either going back to a guild I was formerly with, or starting my own guild.

I’ve been unable to decide on which of those two choices I want to pursue despite giving myself several deadlines. As each deadline approached, I would graciously gave myself an extension.

I realize that no one other than me can make this decision, but I’m going to blog about it.

I spoke briefly with the Guild Master of one of my old guilds and there would be no problem with my returning to them. In fact, a couple of the members of that guild have expressed their hope that I will rejoin their ranks. Despite my own doubts (and the doubts of others) they did manage to make significant progress in Tier 6 content finishing Burning Crusade 3/5 and 8/9. These are good players.

They are also good people, and there are wonderful people in that guild who seem to genuinely like me. (Crazy thought, I know).

My reluctance to accept their offer stems from my desire to make this guild move my last one. I know many of the policies that frustrated me in my first go around with this guild would still be in place so I would have to go in knowing that. I don’t want to find myself bailing on them as soon as raids get ‘hard’ again (Tier 8 maybe).

I’m also concerned the guild will get caught in a 10 man / 25 man tug of war. What I mean is that if we can clear T8 10 man, will we want to do T8 10 man or T7 25 man.

The other option I’ve given serious consideration to is starting my own guild which would focus on 10 man Raids. I’ve written a charter, and gotten a website.

One of my old GMs pointed out to me that I’ve never truly been happy with the way any of the guilds I’ve been in have been run, and as long time readers will attest from these pages, for the most part that’s true.

Totally made up stat: 80% of groups and guilds were started by their Main Tank, who after much deliberation… with… himself …. gave … himself … the job.

I guess I have this utopian vision in my head of creating this guild where it has the closeness and friendship that I felt in Mal Katai and Heroes, and is full of people who take a dedicated approach to raiding and clears content. We go all the way from Utgarde Keep (first 5 man in Wrath) all the way to Arthas together.

My reluctance to go forward stems from a couple of issues.

First of all, it is no small task to get a new guild off the ground. It’s going to be a ton of work, and I need to be ready to commit to that.

I would also need to add some additional expenses to my WoW playing like purchasing a Vent server. It’s not a huge deal, but in a tight economy it is a consideration.

Most of the people I know on the server are in other guilds, so I would be starting with new people, most of which I wouldn’t know. Recruiting has never been a strong suit for me, so I would need to find someone to help in that area.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been sure I was going one way, but an hour later I was sure I would go the other.

But it’s time to make a decision. I just have no clue what that decision will be.

(If you'd rather give your advice/opinion privately rather than in comments, you can email me. My email is my characters name at gmail dot com).

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