Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guild Indecision

Over the weekend, I started thinking about what I wanted to do as far as a Guild. The main villain of Burning Crusade was Illidan the Betrayer, although at times I felt like that title could have been my own.

I’ve basically got it narrowed down to two choices. Those are either going back to a guild I was formerly with, or starting my own guild.

I’ve been unable to decide on which of those two choices I want to pursue despite giving myself several deadlines. As each deadline approached, I would graciously gave myself an extension.

I realize that no one other than me can make this decision, but I’m going to blog about it.

I spoke briefly with the Guild Master of one of my old guilds and there would be no problem with my returning to them. In fact, a couple of the members of that guild have expressed their hope that I will rejoin their ranks. Despite my own doubts (and the doubts of others) they did manage to make significant progress in Tier 6 content finishing Burning Crusade 3/5 and 8/9. These are good players.

They are also good people, and there are wonderful people in that guild who seem to genuinely like me. (Crazy thought, I know).

My reluctance to accept their offer stems from my desire to make this guild move my last one. I know many of the policies that frustrated me in my first go around with this guild would still be in place so I would have to go in knowing that. I don’t want to find myself bailing on them as soon as raids get ‘hard’ again (Tier 8 maybe).

I’m also concerned the guild will get caught in a 10 man / 25 man tug of war. What I mean is that if we can clear T8 10 man, will we want to do T8 10 man or T7 25 man.

The other option I’ve given serious consideration to is starting my own guild which would focus on 10 man Raids. I’ve written a charter, and gotten a website.

One of my old GMs pointed out to me that I’ve never truly been happy with the way any of the guilds I’ve been in have been run, and as long time readers will attest from these pages, for the most part that’s true.

Totally made up stat: 80% of groups and guilds were started by their Main Tank, who after much deliberation… with… himself …. gave … himself … the job.

I guess I have this utopian vision in my head of creating this guild where it has the closeness and friendship that I felt in Mal Katai and Heroes, and is full of people who take a dedicated approach to raiding and clears content. We go all the way from Utgarde Keep (first 5 man in Wrath) all the way to Arthas together.

My reluctance to go forward stems from a couple of issues.

First of all, it is no small task to get a new guild off the ground. It’s going to be a ton of work, and I need to be ready to commit to that.

I would also need to add some additional expenses to my WoW playing like purchasing a Vent server. It’s not a huge deal, but in a tight economy it is a consideration.

Most of the people I know on the server are in other guilds, so I would be starting with new people, most of which I wouldn’t know. Recruiting has never been a strong suit for me, so I would need to find someone to help in that area.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been sure I was going one way, but an hour later I was sure I would go the other.

But it’s time to make a decision. I just have no clue what that decision will be.

(If you'd rather give your advice/opinion privately rather than in comments, you can email me. My email is my characters name at gmail dot com).


Mister K said...

I think you know what you want to do your just not sure you can pull it off. You really sound like you want to start your own guild. I say go for it. This is the best time to do it because there are alot of people right now that are not sure about what they want to do in game and if you make it clear what your objectives are and can show your new recruits that you have what it takes to lead them you'll do just fine and probably help a few people enjoy there time in game as much as they can possibly do. GL with whatever you decide to do.

Chase said...

I'm in the same spot thinking about a new guild. I am not as hardcore as my guild is now (I was last winter) and find myself languishing on the sideline. When I do get a chance to raid, I find myself sidelined due to the regular raiders getting the spot. (I am not upset about it, I understand how progression works).

I think I need a new guild concentrating on 10 man stuff only. My fiancee hates the game so I have to compromise on it with her. /Shrug. If you need an experienced former prot now ret pally, hit me up. Lol

Chase said...

edit: Hutchizel: Exodar

Josh said...


As a former paladin tank, a former guild master, a former raid leader, and former raider, allow me to weigh in on the topic.


Anonymous said...

Are you interested in starting a guild because that is something you are inherently interested in, or only because you haven't been satisfied in any guild you've been in so far?

It seems to me from reading your blog that you have time constraints with your playing (as do many, many - I'm lucky to have a wife who plays as well). Be aware that being a guild leader takes tons of additional time, time where you'd rather be playing the game. I am not a GM, but I am an officer, and at times when we have had various loot/raid composition/etc. issues, we've had loooong officer meetings. I can only imagine what the GM's chat box looks like - people constantly whispering him with loot drama, raid strategy issues, etc.

I don't blame you for wanting to be in a guild that clears all available content, and I recognize that has played a big role in your guild switching, but make sure that you understand what you're taking on, imho. Plus, you've been in several different raiding guilds, none of whom (IIRC) cleared T6 (saying nothing of Sunwell) pre-3.0 (nor did my guild, FWIW). What are the chances that the people willing to join your startup will gel into a better guild than any you've ever been in?

Just some food for thought - good luck, whatever way you go with it!


Galoheart said...

Though not playing I still do read your blog in having something to read as well a very long time reader as well.

First whatever choice you make is yours and either way you'll move forward with it. I know your more than caparable in thinking it through. I'm going to also agree with the first commenter above Mister K as well.

The answer to your problem is half way down in your post pretty much and it's the harder of choice to make. You already know what choice that is.

I've followed your adventure long enough on your blog to understand you somewhat better than any guildmate. You have a certain way of how you would wish to see things progress given your goals and drive in play style. Through all the guild changes along the way and your previous thoughts the answer is that I can't say you wish to repeat the past considering your thoughts of things. That's just my take as a long time reader.

Yes it's a tough choice. You've researched it long enough in your mind over time. Just be decisive and go ahead and make it. It's will still be your adventures to continue either way.

Any guild would be honored to have a player like you irregardless of the class you play. Your very much a selfless player that serves your guild or groups. Your also a leader. Yet you wish to see things a certain way if you could from your thoughts in your blog. The answer from my point of view is the GM route.

Adlib said...

I'm not really going to tell you what to do, but I do caution you to really be committed to being a GM if that's the way you want to go. I've been part of larger, more successful guilds that absorb other guilds along the way, and running a guild is not an easy thing. Well, I guess I should say running a successful guild is not easy. You can't give everyone exactly what they want and therefore, your decisions may not always be popular.

I think you really enjoy the game now. The work that is required of a GM may diminish that for you in some way. I've learned that even though I love the guild I'm in, I don't care for the way some things are done, but it's not enough of a deal-breaker for me to leave. You have to see what is least objectionable to you in a guild should you decide not to start your own. The good must outweigh the bad. No guild is perfect.

Just my two cents.

Galoheart said...

To add to my comment already. If you decide to be a GM I no doubt you will give it everything it demands and that position demands "allot" of time no less and comes with headache sometimes. Yet it can be rewarding if your up to the challenge. In the past you have expressed time constrains for other RL activities of importance. So if you do decide to go the GM route whatever you decide .......make sure it's what you really want to do.

Either way I'll have fun reading about it as a reader whatever you decide.

Ashuna said...

I tried making my own guild once.

Your guild is perfect in your head. It's when real people come in the picture that things get messy.

Dealing with every type of BS imaginable (not related to downing a boss) sucked the fun out of the game like a Dyson.

In my opinion, if you don't have a team of 4 - 5 officers set to go willing to share the GM burden with you then I wouldn't do it.

What I mean by sharing the burden is: stuff still happens if you aren't there. Issues are resolved, initiative is taken to run instances.

If its all on your shoulders to schedule, organize, and run raids in addition to fostering a sense of community within the guild, recruiting people and resolving the littany of little issues that arise then I would say don't bother.

Doing it all yourself is no fun. At least it wasn't for me when I tried. You log on because if you don't, stuff won't happen, or you need to make sure things are running smoothly. It becomes a job, and very quickly it becomes un-fun.

Gowron said...

One tip, also stated in the other posts, but very important.

Find players you trust to delegate functions.

I was GL/RL/MT/Recruiting Officer for my Guild past summer, and in the end, it was too much.

You really need to do other people do stuff.

And there is one more thing, do you have it in you to make hard descisions, as GL you will be the one to tell people to go, for whatever reason, even if you like them.

But with all that in mind, I had a great time this summer.


Rohan said...

In my opinion, if you don't have a team of 4 - 5 officers set to go willing to share the GM burden with you then I wouldn't do it.

This is key, I think. It's very hard to start a guild without a solid core. If you don't have that core, I'd advise against starting a guild.

Lakini said...

Starting a guild on this server (Altar of Storms) will not be easy and with no help, impossible. You need to find some folks who are willing to help.

Your blog would have to change a lot, you can't be open like you are and expect to run a guild.

About rejoining one of your old guilds, whatever one that is, I understand your reservations. If you left once and the reasons you left haven't changed you might end up leaving again, which I know you don't want. I have never left a guild before but I hear it's no fun.

Good luck my friend.

Anonymous said...

Found a thread on Elitist Jerks discussing starting your own guild. Hope you find some usefull information in it.


Anonymous said...

Honors, only two short comments:

- Do you see yourself as a strong supporter or as a strong leader?

- And do you have the time and are you willing to spend the time leading a guild?

Honors Code said...

Do you see yourself as a strong supporter or as a strong leader?

I see myself more as a strong supporter. I've always been more comfortable as an XO type, if you are familiar with the term.

And do you have the time and are you willing to spend the time leading a guild?

That's really the 20,000 dollar question isn't it?

Anonymous said...

In the end it does come down to where you will be happiest with what your post xp goals will be.


Anonymous said...

From what i read , I am not sure if you are ready to be a GM. I don't mean this in any negative way.The type of guild you want takes time to cultivate. It will not be created when you hit accept on the guild creation button.Like posters already stated you need more than just 1 person to start a successful guild.If you decide to create one, don't expect to be in the bleeding edge of content for a long time.Just keep in mind that the idea is a lot more attractive than the actual act.