Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seeking Professional Advice

Honorshummer is my Hunter alt. I shall refer to him as Hummer for rest of this entry. Anytime I use Honors, I'm referring to my Main, Honorshammer.

As Hummer nears 80, I've been thinking about Professions both for him and for my main.

Honors is Jewelcrafting and Engineering while Hummer is skinning and mining. Actually part of the genesis of Hummer was to give Honors a miner to gather ore for his two production professions.

The only one I'm absolutely not going to change is Jewelcrafting on Honors. That is both useful and profitable.

Engineering on the other hand is neither.

What I am considering is changing Hummer to an Miner/Engineer and making Honorshammer Mining/Jewelcrafting. This would make each toon more self reliant. Hummer would get more use out of the Engineering helm since I don't plan to raid much with him. He can also make his own ammo until such time as Blizzard implements it's plan to remove ammo from Hunters.

It's sad to say, but the thing I will miss most from having Engineering on Honors is the Roflcopter.

Honors would get a minor stamina benefit from Mining, and I can use the ore he gets leveling up Mining to level up Engineering on Hummer.

Of course, as soon as I do this, Blizzard will announce a huge buff to Engineering helms, or come out with some awesome item for Engineers that will make me regret this.

I haven't actually gone through with this yet, it's still in the idea/planning stages. If you've heard anything on the PTR about Engineering. The last I heard was the addition of some minor stats to the tinkers, and the new 800 armor glove enchant. I'm not sure that's enough.

So to my 'legion' of loyal followers, is this a good idea or a poor one? If you woke up this morning and you were in my position (Main JC/Engy, Alt Skin/Mine) what would you do?
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