Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seeking Professional Advice

Honorshummer is my Hunter alt. I shall refer to him as Hummer for rest of this entry. Anytime I use Honors, I'm referring to my Main, Honorshammer.

As Hummer nears 80, I've been thinking about Professions both for him and for my main.

Honors is Jewelcrafting and Engineering while Hummer is skinning and mining. Actually part of the genesis of Hummer was to give Honors a miner to gather ore for his two production professions.

The only one I'm absolutely not going to change is Jewelcrafting on Honors. That is both useful and profitable.

Engineering on the other hand is neither.

What I am considering is changing Hummer to an Miner/Engineer and making Honorshammer Mining/Jewelcrafting. This would make each toon more self reliant. Hummer would get more use out of the Engineering helm since I don't plan to raid much with him. He can also make his own ammo until such time as Blizzard implements it's plan to remove ammo from Hunters.

It's sad to say, but the thing I will miss most from having Engineering on Honors is the Roflcopter.

Honors would get a minor stamina benefit from Mining, and I can use the ore he gets leveling up Mining to level up Engineering on Hummer.

Of course, as soon as I do this, Blizzard will announce a huge buff to Engineering helms, or come out with some awesome item for Engineers that will make me regret this.

I haven't actually gone through with this yet, it's still in the idea/planning stages. If you've heard anything on the PTR about Engineering. The last I heard was the addition of some minor stats to the tinkers, and the new 800 armor glove enchant. I'm not sure that's enough.

So to my 'legion' of loyal followers, is this a good idea or a poor one? If you woke up this morning and you were in my position (Main JC/Engy, Alt Skin/Mine) what would you do?


Anonymous said...

900 Armor to gloves is pretty OP and pretty unique IMO.

The nice thing about armor enchants is that they tend to become much more powerful at higher gear levels.

Stick w/ Engi if the other option is Mining.

Now, if the other choice under consideration was /blacksmithing/, this would be a bit dicier a proposition.

Siha said...

Personally, I'd leave Hummer the way he is, ditch Engineering on Honors, and pick up Blacksmithing on Honors. The extra two BS-only sockets are worth their weight in gold, and they'll only be more useful once epic gems are finally implemented -- and you have a miner on hand to provide Honors with the mats to level up.

Anonymous said...

jc/bs on honors, mining/whatever on hummer

The Renaissance Man said...

I actually faced a similar dilema. For min/maxing purposes, JC/BS is the best combination for tanks. Adding two extra sockets, plus the monstrous epic gems is usually good for at least 2k health over base, and also gives a lot of flexibility with builds for different encounters. It's just hideously expensive.

Dreaming said...

Hummer seems fine to me too, though skinning is probably not the most profitable craft at high level, and if you want to change it for something more profitable (herbing to provide you main with flask mats) or fun (engineering is a lot of fun), it's an ok move.

Now for Honor, mining is a nice hp boost, not a bad move for a tankadin, 50 stamina scales with prot talents and will give you roughly the same amount than 2 blue endurance gems added by two blacksmith additional sockets. Mining is also a great money maker, and if you play with your main most of the time, it could be a good move money-wise.
But, as it was suggested, if you have time for it (it requires a *lot* of mats from Azeroth, especially Thorium that you probably won't want to buy on the ah), skill-up blacksmithing.
There is no, for the moment, any BoP blacksmithing crafts, but that could happen later, and you'll get 2 free sockets for gems. You are already a jewelcrafter, so you can easily provide the gems, and it will give you diversity. With dual-spec coming, being able to change set from prot to dps or healing, and have then +48 stam or +38 spell power or +32 str will be something you love :P

Gowron said...

Wait till more information about Ulduar-Engineering comes out. It's the only profession which doesn't give you an 'extra' in PVE, so I pressume that'll change.

If you really need to drop it, go BS, like Siha said.

Pallymar said...

Ultimately, what it comes down to is something that you haven't quite specified yet. Are you looking for a profession that's more raid oriented or a profession that's more profit oriented? I assume that since you have a very high profit profession, that you're looking for a raid oriented profession.

There's a TON of synergy in Blacksmithing with Jewelcrafting (as you've said, you already have) that if you were looking for a RAID profession, then this HAS to be the way to go. Especially if you're spec'ing Ret on occasion, as BS benefits you regardless of spec.

Orgauth said...

I've thought about making a similar change to min/max the stats. While raiding and progression are important to me, my guildies keep saying they would be upset if I dropped Engineering - it's part of what defines my character (a part that often gets lost in the min/max theorycrafting). I also suspect that Engineering may get some love VERY soon.

WoW isn't entirely about beating the RNG, after all...

Ashimbo said...

If you absolutely have to change your professions right now, I' recommend Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting on Honors, and Mining and Engineering on Hummer.

Tanking is not only about having the most stamina, despite what a lot of PuG's think, and getting the extra gem sockets can go a long way towards making sure you stay at 540 defense or block-capped.

I would personally wait until the changes get finalized before deciding on your professions. They may provide more buffs/nerfs to each of the professions.


So far, it looks like the epic gems are going to be unique-equipped, so they wont matter too much.

Anonymous said...

The only thing you should even consider dropping is Engineering on Honors, because it's terrible (my Engineering is still in the 300s from BC).

Mining and skinning are profitable and nicely skilled up on your alt - it would be a ton of work to re-level mining on Honors. I would do as someone else said and take Blacksmithing if you really want to min/max Honors. Extra sockets + JCing = synergy.

Engineering on your Hunter - you can just buy the ammo out of his gathering profits, and the helms are comparable to stuff you can pick up any night of the week in a Naxx 10 alt PUG or something. Or PUG Sarth 25 with him and hope for a helm drop. You will use the goggles for an incredibly short period; it's not worth blowing countless hours and gold/material.

Hummer - as is.
Honors - drop engy for BS, if you must make a change.


Dhalphir said...

Blacksmithing is not the most min-maxed profession for a tank to pair with JC.

Mining is.

Blacksmithing gives two sockets. 2x 24stam gems, 48 stamina.

Mining = 50 stam.

its not a huge difference, but Mining also makes you money while blacksmithing costs it.

Blacksmithing does give you flexibility of the sockets, and when non-unique epic gems come out, will be superior, but until then, no dice, Mining is superior.