Friday, March 27, 2009

Very Angry Indeed

Bornakk wrote:

The changes that are in the latest version of the patch notes are what we currently have planned for engineering in patch 3.1.The perks for engineering are different compared to other professions but engineering has always been a bit unique with their toys and whatnot. We feel the perks work out compared to what other classes have for the time being and have no changes planned at this time.The mote extractor was put in to help get money through the profession which works pretty well.

/equip tin foil hat.

"This makes me so angry, very angry indeed."

I love the Marvin the Martian. His quote sums up pretty well how I feel about this communication from the Developers.

At this point my second profession slot could be completely blank, and it wouldn't make much difference to my toon.

I've been waiting and waiting for Blizzard to take one of the countless good, creative suggestions from the Profession forum and use it to bring Engineering up to the level of the other professions. Now at least I know I don't need to wait around any more. Blizzard is content with Engineering where it is. I respectfully disagree with their assessment of the situation.

My decision has changed from should I drop Engineering to what should I drop it for. /sadpanda

It's truly sad that about the only thing I will miss from Engineering is my Gyrocopter.

So it's down to either Mining or Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing would give me two gold sink professions, but I have my Hunter is almost level 78 and 430 something mining. He could farm up all the mats I would need, including the dreaded Thorium. The extra sockets combined with the JC only gems would make a powerful combination.

In addition, Blacksmithing will help both my Protection and Retribution sets. With Dual Spec, I anticipate getting a little more use out of the Ret set. I even talked to a guild mate last night about possibly getting on his 3s team for Season 6.

Mining has its own minor perk of 50 stamina, but the main perk I see from Mining is gold. Honors is basically money neutral. He spends about what he makes. With mining, I could really make some gold and supply my own Titansteel.
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