Friday, March 27, 2009

Very Angry Indeed

Bornakk wrote:

The changes that are in the latest version of the patch notes are what we currently have planned for engineering in patch 3.1.The perks for engineering are different compared to other professions but engineering has always been a bit unique with their toys and whatnot. We feel the perks work out compared to what other classes have for the time being and have no changes planned at this time.The mote extractor was put in to help get money through the profession which works pretty well.

/equip tin foil hat.

"This makes me so angry, very angry indeed."

I love the Marvin the Martian. His quote sums up pretty well how I feel about this communication from the Developers.

At this point my second profession slot could be completely blank, and it wouldn't make much difference to my toon.

I've been waiting and waiting for Blizzard to take one of the countless good, creative suggestions from the Profession forum and use it to bring Engineering up to the level of the other professions. Now at least I know I don't need to wait around any more. Blizzard is content with Engineering where it is. I respectfully disagree with their assessment of the situation.

My decision has changed from should I drop Engineering to what should I drop it for. /sadpanda

It's truly sad that about the only thing I will miss from Engineering is my Gyrocopter.

So it's down to either Mining or Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing would give me two gold sink professions, but I have my Hunter is almost level 78 and 430 something mining. He could farm up all the mats I would need, including the dreaded Thorium. The extra sockets combined with the JC only gems would make a powerful combination.

In addition, Blacksmithing will help both my Protection and Retribution sets. With Dual Spec, I anticipate getting a little more use out of the Ret set. I even talked to a guild mate last night about possibly getting on his 3s team for Season 6.

Mining has its own minor perk of 50 stamina, but the main perk I see from Mining is gold. Honors is basically money neutral. He spends about what he makes. With mining, I could really make some gold and supply my own Titansteel.


Anonymous said...

i think engineering is still pretty neat. it's definitely one of the (if not THE) best professions for pvp still. while it's not really much of a money maker, the gizmos engineers get are cool and the motorcycle makes me jealous! plus the changes made to other profs are minimal. i think engineering is fine.

Anonymous said...

1) 900 Armor to gloves is Very Very Powerful compared to the other options for that slot. It is not worth ignoring!

2) If you do insist upon dropping Engineering, Blacksmithing is absolutely the way to go. /flexibility/ is key.

Sure 500 health is nice for tanking.

But what if you wanted more avoidance?

Crofe said...

I personally went with mining. It's a time sink to level for sure, but it's 50 stamina that you'll always have. At the time when I was deciding on it the best Stamina gem in the game (other than the JC specific ones, because you can't argue that those are what you'll put in the extra slot. You probably already have 3 of them equiped) was only +24 stamina. The extra two slots would only provide 48 stamina then, less then what I'd get mining and I'd have to replace them every time I changed gear. Wowhead has a new gem which is supposedly +30 stam, making two extra slots give 60 stam. I don't know where the gem drops / how hard it would be to get though.

Additionally, mining is pure profit if you get the notion to spend a day gathering materials. BS requires some investment to buy the materials, but this could be offset by the fact your hunter is a miner.

On the other hand, the Blacksmithing route allows for more flexibility. 50 stamina is always nice to have, but if they're extra gem slots you can gem for your spec if you need the extra oomph, instead of being stuck with 50 stamina. And the difference is only 2 stamina currently. My paladin will always be a tank however, so that's not an issue for me.

Honors Code said...

Engineering is definately not FINE. Motorcycles, can be had by anyone, they only have to be made by an Engineer. I got to ride in one that a Leatherworker had. They are cool.

Most of the PVP stuff from Engy doesn't work where it counts, i.e. Arena.

No, Engineering is not 'fine'.

Honors Code said...

900 armor is powerful, but that's one slot, not to mention the face it does jack diddly against the big magic hits that are the real tank killers these days.

I just don't think it competes with the other options.

Gowron said...

You already have a high-level miner, why even consider it? If you want to make money, play with the hunter (my hunter is JC/Mining for that fact)

Go Blacksmithing, it will become even more powerfull when new gems are released.

My Paladin is Enchanter/BS, second best-combi for paladins, although it only is 3 spelldamage/stamina/etcetera below :p

Anonymous said...

Engineering definitely stinks. Mining will get you money and 50 STA, which helps tanking. BS will cost you money and give you 2 extra gem slots, which will help you in any spec.

If and when I finish other projects like levelling my shaman, I will probably get around to dropping Engineering. Most likely I'll go either JC or BS.

Anonymous said...

Where the points don't matter. It's like Engineering for a Tankadin...


Anonymous said...

"Most of the PVP stuff from Engy doesn't work where it counts, i.e. Arena."

rockets on boots is by far the best item enhancement in the game (pvp wise) and it does work in arena. if you do any amt of arena/bgs (parachute ftw) the rockets alone is a good reason to stay engineering.

Anonymous said...

Don't make the mistake of perceiving profession perks in terms of 'slots'. Engineering offers /unique/ perks - Armor, ranged nukes, on demand haste.

Blacksmithing offers 48 Stamina now. 60 with Epic gems.

Jewelcrafting offers 51 Stamina, and the freedom to pick up socket bonuses.

Leatherworking offers 90 Stamina.

Alchemy grants about 500 health while using a health flask.

Mining grants 500 health.

Etc. etc. etc.

All the profession benefits are, for the most part 'normalized'.

The exceptions are the free socket bonii/metas from JC, scaling of Blacksmithing, and /UNIQUE/ effects of engineering.

Have your pick of the 3 of them, but know that the grass will always be greener.