Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost In the Nether

The servers were up when I logged in last night, but I would quickly find that the Instance Servers, Battleground servers and Arena servers were down. What was worse was that if you tried to do an instance through the new LFG tool, you would get stuck at the loading screen. When you got tired of waiting and exited WoW, your character was in some sort of nether in between the servers.

I discovered fairly quickly that most, if not everything I enjoy in WoW requires and instance server. Oh I knocked out some dailies on Honorshammer and my Hunter while I was waiting to see if the instances would come back up.

Wednesday is my night off so I won't see IceCrown until Thursday at the earliest and that is looking sketchy due to the lack of sign ups. Of course, the patch is brand new and Ice Crown will last all the way to Cataclysm so there's no rush. I'm sure we'll get to the new Raid and 5 mans and see it all.

But it was a very frustrating night.
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