Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost In the Nether

The servers were up when I logged in last night, but I would quickly find that the Instance Servers, Battleground servers and Arena servers were down. What was worse was that if you tried to do an instance through the new LFG tool, you would get stuck at the loading screen. When you got tired of waiting and exited WoW, your character was in some sort of nether in between the servers.

I discovered fairly quickly that most, if not everything I enjoy in WoW requires and instance server. Oh I knocked out some dailies on Honorshammer and my Hunter while I was waiting to see if the instances would come back up.

Wednesday is my night off so I won't see IceCrown until Thursday at the earliest and that is looking sketchy due to the lack of sign ups. Of course, the patch is brand new and Ice Crown will last all the way to Cataclysm so there's no rush. I'm sure we'll get to the new Raid and 5 mans and see it all.

But it was a very frustrating night.


David said...

Awww, sorry to hear that! What would patch day be without frustration, right?

If it helps you or those reading this, I had the same experience but was able to get in with a little not-so-patient patience. The dungeon loading screen would last about 60 seconds and then kick me out with a message stating "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found" or some similar nonsense. After 3-4 attempts at Ulduar, I got in. And it took 2 attempts at Heroic Forge of Souls. Once I was in, the rest of the raid or party got right in behind me. Unfortunately, I never made it into H Pit of Saron. After 4-5 failed loading attempts, our group disbanded.

Bandarno said...

We were able to get in there and knock out the wing that was released but there were definitely lag issues at points, both on the server and in the instance servers.

My real problem was getting a 5 man to work, as it took multiple attempts of the new lfg system to get one to actually work, and then we nearly couldn't finish it due to severe lag right at the end.

Grimadin said...

I think I have toons left in limbo in many of the instance portals around the world. I decided to try some of the places to see if I could get to anything last night. Should be a fun few minutes of collecting all of my toons when I log in today. Assuming I get a chance to try the new wing (which i am not too optomistic for for today) I'll let you know what I think or find. More likely I'll be just trying to hit up the 5 mans.

Thorned said...

Was a bit rough at first(no additional instances can be launched/lags/instance not found) but around 23:00 we could finaly try icc. Did the first boss and tried the second a bit. Was nice so far ^^

Good Luck in IceCrownCitadel! :-)