Friday, January 15, 2010

One Hand Love

I'm going to go off on a tangent and talk about 1 handed physical DPS weapons. Tanks use one handed weapons, but those are specialized with Defense. Casters have the option of using a one hander and an offhand, or a staff. I have no idea what the preference is. Let's look at the drops for one handed weapons in Ice Crown.

4 daggers (2 spell power, 2 physical)
2 Fists (2 physical)
2 Axes (2 physical)
3 maces (1 tank, 1 physical, 1 spell power)
3 swords (1 tank, 1 physical, 1 spell power)

There are 2 tanking one handers, and 4 spell power one handers. But there are 8 physical one handers that can drop. I think that's a bit excessive. Who uses physical one handers? Rogues, Enhancement Shamans, and possibly DPS Frost DKs (do those exist?). That doesn't seem to justify dropping four times as many one handers as tanking weapons, or twice as many as spell power weapons.

The Developers constantly tell us they are worried about cluttering up loot tables, yet here we see that some of that clutter is caused by having way too many physical DPS one handers. It's almost like the itemization team hasn't gotten the memo yet that Fury Warriors don't use one handers anymore. Ice Crown itemization is done, so there isn't much point in changing it now. However, I'm not sure the future wings are on WoWhead yet. If those wings are still being itemized I'd like to see less physical DPS one handers dropping.
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