Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We spent the better part of last night getting taught lessons by Professor Putricide. Boston and I switched off driving the Abomination and tanking Professor P. It had been some time since we had last worked on Professor since our efforts have been directed at the Crimson Halls and the Frostwing Halls. But with only Professor and Sindragosa left before Arthas, he became our next target.

Our biggest issue, at least from my point of view, is slime management. Phase 1 is cake. We are through that Phase before we get the first Orange Add. Sorry for the lack of proper names, but I think of them as the Orange Add and the Green Add.

Then somewhere in Phase 2 the Abom, regardless if it was either myself or Boston driving the Abom, we would start to get overwhelmed by slime. I was spamming my 'Eat Goo' key as fast as I could but I couldn't seem to keep up. We kept wiping right around the 60% mark. We the attempt limiter removed we were free to try several different approaches. We tried 2 healers, and 3 healers, but it didn't seem to make much difference. We've got to be missing something important.

When the trash respawned on us we had a choice to make. Stay and work on Professor P, or go to Heroic ToC and try to finally kill Anub. Boston put it to a vote and Anub was the choice.

So we hopped over to Crusader's Coliseum for another round with the Bug. We still had 35 attempts up. I was hoping we'd go in and just one shot him, but that wasn't going to happen. I didn't get the second Add picked up quickly enough as we went into Phase 3 and he ate a healer. Sorry Stark.

Then we had a frustrating attempt where I got killed by Anub's Spike, even though I was clearly standing on the ice as we were finishing off the Adds. I am please to report that then entire evening I didn't miss a single Shadow Strike. Once, one of the Adds got slowed by walking over some ice so we wasn't in melee range when he started his cast. I ran out towards him and used Arcane Torrent to interrupt the cast.

We had a couple of really close wipes. There is so much that has to go right in this fight, and so many failure points from tanking to healing to kiting.

Then we had an attempt where things seemed to be going well. I parked myself right next to Stark (Resto Shaman) when Phase 3 started. It must be something about Shamans that make them look tasty to spiders because the Adds always seemed to want to make a beeline for him before I questioned their heritage (taunt). What do you say to taunt a spider? "Your mother's webs were asymmetrical!!" It seemed to work.

Army of the Dead helped pick up the first two spiders, and I got their Shadow Strike interrupted. Then I parked myself under Anub's rather large derriere. We had had some sub 10k wipes. I wanted my Consecrate to hit Anub because as close as we were every little bit of DPS helped. The two spiders finished off the Army and turned back to me, then submerged. I kept Consecrate down to pick them up when they surfaced, and got ready to pick up the next set. I picked them up and got ready for their Shadow Strike when I heard Boston over vent say "Good job guys." Achievements flashed up.

There was no exultant cheer, but more of an exhale, a release. We had finally overcome the Bug.

You ask each person in our raid and he'll tell you something extraordinary he did during that attempt. I only wish I had seen it all so I could tell you about it. But everyone played to their highest potential. Boston was a monster tanking Anub, Black and Stark healed like a mofo. Neo, Donk, Ofn, Lakini, Blue, and Pink DPSed like their was no tomorrow. They all used different utilities throughout the fight that went above and beyond the call of duty. The team did a great job.

ToC Hard Mode is in the books.
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