Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Fifth Civilization

Raiding has pretty much ground to a halt in Devolve. We are struggling to fill raids and most people are really bored with the content available.
So for the foreseeable future I’ll be posting about Warrior/Paladin changes in the Beta and occasionally other topics that  pique my interest. Expect some Civilization posts in September when that launches. I’m a Civ player from waaaaay back. I started playing with CivII. The one with the FMV (Full Motion Video) advisors. These guys were played by actors. My favorite was the drunk War Advisor (starts at 43 seconds into the video).
If you didn’t play CivII, here’s a taste of what you missed.

I was totally hooked. I went on to play Civ III, and CivIV, plus some Alpha Centari, but these guys never made it into another version. I kept hoping they would bring them back. Of course that didn’t stop me from having already preordered CivV. So expect a post or two about it when it comes out.
This does mean I won’t have the cash to buy Starcraft. My plan is to wait for it to show up on the $19.99 bargin bin and play the single player. I’m terrible at multiplayer, and I can only get my head handed to me so many times before I decide I’m not having ‘fun’ anymore.
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