Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Fifth Civilization

Raiding has pretty much ground to a halt in Devolve. We are struggling to fill raids and most people are really bored with the content available.
So for the foreseeable future I’ll be posting about Warrior/Paladin changes in the Beta and occasionally other topics that  pique my interest. Expect some Civilization posts in September when that launches. I’m a Civ player from waaaaay back. I started playing with CivII. The one with the FMV (Full Motion Video) advisors. These guys were played by actors. My favorite was the drunk War Advisor (starts at 43 seconds into the video).
If you didn’t play CivII, here’s a taste of what you missed.

I was totally hooked. I went on to play Civ III, and CivIV, plus some Alpha Centari, but these guys never made it into another version. I kept hoping they would bring them back. Of course that didn’t stop me from having already preordered CivV. So expect a post or two about it when it comes out.
This does mean I won’t have the cash to buy Starcraft. My plan is to wait for it to show up on the $19.99 bargin bin and play the single player. I’m terrible at multiplayer, and I can only get my head handed to me so many times before I decide I’m not having ‘fun’ anymore.


Bill D said...

I love Civilization, I started with Civ I waaaaay back, the year after I graduated from college (I'm that old). If it had come out a year earlier I probably would not have graduated! I've played every version, and although I've never been a great player, there is no other game that I have played and replayed as often. The last was seems near perfect so I'm not sure how they will improve it it, but honestly I thought that way about each version and then loved its successor. I can't wait to hear your comments, I might have to wait until Christmas to actually buy a copy (although I may not be able to wait that long.) Funny thing, I feel the same way as you do about Starcraft - great game, but I stink at it.

Westin said...

I wouldn't write off Starcraft II multiplayer just yet - the new approach to multiplayer is really accessible for all skill levels. In the beta, at least, it has done a pretty good job of separating out players into leagues of similar skill levels which make interesting and challenging games possible for even new players.

You may get roflstomped in the first 5 placement matches - or for 10 or so games if you do uncharacteristically well in those placement matches, but you're placed in the right league pretty quickly, regardless. I routinely got my butt kicked in SC I too, and it's discouraging and makes it hard to learn the game on a competitive level, but this new approach really made me not afraid to queue a game up or try new tactics.

Leagues are 100 players large, and it's cool that even if you're placed in the lowest league you can still aim for being in the top 10 - a much more satisfying goal than aiming to be in the top 10,000 on or what not in SC I.

Chris said...

I agree with what Westin said. You will not find that you will get completely destroyed in Starcraft 2 once you are placed into a league.

And even if you do, SC2 will offer unranked matches, Co-Op Vs AI, games against the AI (scalable difficulty levels), as well as the all-important custom maps which will be better than ever before.

Also, your plan to wait for it to end up in the bargain bin is fundamentally flawed, unfortunately, as that doesn't really happen to Blizzard games on the same time scale as other games. Even the original Starcraft battle chest is only just now reaching $19.99, and the Diablo II Battle Chest is still $40 on Blizzard's online store.

If you want to wait for Starcraft 2 to drop appreciably in price, you'll be waiting a long, long time.

Ardent Defender said...

I've loved Civilization from way way back, its one my all time favorite PC game. I remember when i sued to play all weekend long and still kept going. Haven't played it in a while though. May check it out when the new one comes out.

Anonymous said...

Chris is right about Starcraft 2 prices. It might not be at $20 even five years from now. The first one is what, almost 15 years old, and still $20?

Blizzard games do seem to be different in this regard. For a more recent comparison, Warcraft 3 (is that like, 7 years old?) still isn't $20, I'm fairly sure.


Honors Code said...

I can buy Warcraft 3 for $13.20 off Amazon. It's been in the bargin bin of my local Gamestop for quite a while.