Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tinfoil Hat Time

Okay, tin foil hat time.
So Tuesday, I mentioned that I thought BioWare was planning on a short window from announcement to release because they wanted to keep any of their competitors from bringing out something in the same time frame that could take away from their launch. I said they were wrong, and now I'll explain what I meant.
I think Blizzard is ready and waiting for the release date announcement. They already have a content package ready to go to counter SWTOR. if you recall, one of the mysteries of Patch 4.2 was what happened to the other half of it. We were supposed to get two raids, a Firelands raid, and an Abyssal Maw raid. We got some line from Blizzard about how it wasn't ready or something. Honestly I don't even remember. I think it is ready and  Blizzard is holding it. They will unveil the Abyssal Maw as a mini patch to go right after SWTOR's launch is announced.
Of course Kaplan has to go poo poo my theory by stating Abyssal Maw was dropped because the story wasn't good enough. Come on, when has Blizzard dropped anything because of story? His comment will be long forgotten when they release Abyssal Maw. Besides, when has a silly little thing like the facts ever derailed a juicy conspiracy theory?
I have to be careful to not see everything Blizzard and BioWare are doing as jockeying for position in the MMO Market. It's just hard not to. You've got the established old bull, and now you've got this young upstart trying to horn in. Case in point is the new Transmogrified Blizzard has announced for 4.3. BioWare has stated there won't be an appearance tab in SWTOR. What a great way for Blizzard to have a feature they know SWTOR won't have. It also allows them to leverage all the old classic art images they've used over the years.
Honestly, if I was still playing Honorshammer as my main, I'd be a lot more excited about the transmogrified than I am. Although, I do have a nearly full set of T2 on my Hunter including Rhok'delar. It would be pretty cool to raid in that.
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