Monday, August 20, 2012

Coming Back to WoW

As I hinted at in my last post, I've returned to the lands of Azeroth. I'm still playing SWTOR, too, but when SWTOR announced it was going Free to Play in November, I decided I should check out what WoW was doing.

SWTOR Free To Play

I'm just not a fan of the Free to Play model, and I'm really confused by SWTOR's. You get the entire leveling game for free, levels 1-50 which gives you all the incredible class stories that BioWare made. What you have to pay for is Operations (raids), War Zones (battlegrounds), and Space missions (a very fun little mini-game). You also have to pay for extra characters slots, and bag/bank space.

Essentially, I can pay for each class story I do, and that seems completely fair to me.

It was when I started working on my Smuggler, and I noticed I was zoning out during some of the planet quests that I knew I was in trouble. The class quests are fantastic and unique for each class. You also have a planet quest line that every player of your faction does for that planet. I found these fun twice (once on my Knight and once on my Trooper). Third time around, they weren't as fun. The class quests tend to be pretty spread out. With the Knight, you seem to get about one per zone, but with the trooper, it felt like one every other zone. In retrospect, I wish they had gone much heavier on the class quests.

Everything Changes

When I left WoW, I was on my dwarf hunter. For a while now, I've missed playing my Paladin. Of all the classes in WoW, I think the Paladin fits me best. I love the lore of the class, I love the Paladin heroes like Tirion and Uther, and I love all the pseudo-religious connotations of the class.

I was still on the fence, but then I found out that a couple of my former guild mates were also planning on returning. One of them already had. He hooked me up with a Scroll of Resurrection. He told me to try it for a couple of days and see what I thought.

So I'm going to try it for a week and see what I think when the free time on the Scroll expires.

I logged into my Paladin and was completely overwhelmed. My addons were gone and all I had was the default UI. I didn't know where anything was, or even what gear I had on. My bags were absolutely full.

That first night, I didn't do much more than transfer a bunch of stuff into Void Storage. I really wish they had this feature in the game before I left. I also really wish there was a way to show off your Void Storage. I was a terrible pack rat before I left. I wonder how many Horde Paladins have Verigan's Fist in Void Storage.

I haven't done anything with Transmog yet, but I'm going to transmog something into Verigan's Fist.

I'll see what kind of trouble I can get into tomorrow.

(P.S. If anyone needs a 24 port hub, I have one for sale on eBay.)
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