Friday, June 8, 2007

And the Portal is open.....

Last night was a big night for my little dwarf. Heroes finally, finally beat the Black Morass. Our group was me (Prot Pally, main tank), Ferth the Fury Warrior, Sameth the Discipline Priest, Origami the Feral Druid, and Lakini the Boomkin.

Fury Warrior on the adds, witih me Feral Druid and Boomkin on the Elites/Bosses. The run went quite well, except for me making a huge mistake on Temporus. On our last failed run, I didn't move away from the portal enough and aggroed adds with a Consecration. That eventually led to a wipe, so I made sure to tank him off the left of the portal. Well sure enough, he knocks me back, and resets. Lovely. So now we have to kill him twice. The Mortal Strike debuff got up to as high as 5, then fell off completely. I guess I just got an unlucky streak there.

We had to drop 2 becaons and still the shield was down to 11%, meaning only one shot at Aoenus. I was chugging health pots and doing everything I could to make sure I kept my hit points up. It got dicey near the end when he enraged, but we got him down. No wipes, battle rezes or anything.

I'm now Revered with Keepers of Time. I got my Continuum Blade, Time Warden Leggings, and Andormu's Tear. Can I get a woot? Oh yeah, Woot!

Heroe's now had 11 people keyed for Kara. That means I need to get my gear Kara ready on the double. I'm still about 15% short of uncrushable. I can get 2% from a respect to full deflection and 5% from the Libram, but that means I need to start running Heroics. I'm still a little short on Stamina, but I bet I can make that up with enchants and gems.

So lookout Attunemen, Heroes are coming!

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Bacon said...

Good job Honors ole boy! Hopefully I can be right behind you guys in your pursuit of Khara.