Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Arena's / PVP

Monday night and I'm back from a nice weeklong WoW vacation.

We did Arenas Monday night. PVP as a Protection Paladin is interesting to say the least. This last patch I respect to something of a healer/tank hybrid with points in Spiritual Focus and Improved Concentration Aura. I had to give up 1 handed spec and reckoning. I didn't miss 1 handed spec much. It's one of those passive talents that you can't really see working. But reckoning, oh man, that was a rough one to give up. However I can say that PVP healing is much easier now.

Before I speced into Spiritual Focus, something as simple as a hunter pet on me made my heals take so long that my team mate was dead before the heal ever got off.

My 5v5 team is called I PVPed in my Pants. It consists of me (Prot Pally), a Fury Warrior (Ferth), a Rogue (Lou), a Boomkin (Lakini), and a Resto Druid (Baconstrip). We played about 20 games and won about 9 or 10. The good news is that I now have enough points to start getting some Gladiator gear, but I'm thinking of holding off and buying the Season 2 gear which is supposed to come out on June 12th.

After our 5v5, I helped out on a 3v3 team. 3v3 is different from 5v5. In 5v5, I basically sit back and heal, but in 3v3 I need to do some damage as well. I might even have to use my solo/spell damage set instead of my PVP Healer set (Resilience/+heal/Stamina).

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